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Tokyo Olympics: White Athletes Get Away With Cannabis Use

By SM and BHT Staff

After suspending Sha’CarriRichardson from the Olympics for using weed, the colonial Olympic Games are really openly letting these white athletes talk about how their weed use improves their performance at the games!

They only used that weed law to suspend African athletes, while not doing anything about it for these colonizers. 

u.$. Soccer Women’s National Team star megan rapinoe bragged about her use of CBD (cannabidoil), an essential and active ingredient found in weed, to enhance her athletic performance. 

Remember how we mentioned it’s these crakkker colonizers that own these “legal” weed companies in the first place? Surprise, surprise, megan’s sister—rachael rapinoe—OWNS the company she gets her CBD from.

Megan’s sister has even said that the purpose of her product is to “help them recover better and perform at their best”, referring to athletes. 

So let me get this straight, these cave beasts can steal our medicine and herbs, profit off of them and then not get punished for it? 

That’s colonialism right there ya’ll; stealing the lives, labor, resources and land from Colonized peoples.

90% of Cannabis company executives are mayo monster men. Even the bleach demon jews from isn’real have found their way into the industry. 

Weed from the illegal colony isn'treal (israeli) company Pharmocann
Weed from the illegal colony isn’treal (israeli) company Pharmocann

It’s been this way for over 600 years; from the Indigenous people of Turtle Island teaching these snow roaches how to bathe themselves, to the colonizers owning and selling our medicine back to us with dispensaries and over-priced weed. 

None of this should come as a surprise though. These colonial Olympics are part of the same system that genocides and kills our people each day! 

African and colonized athletes will never get the recognition they deserve from these Olympics  and will continue getting harassed and attacked! (like Sha’Carri Richardson being the fastest runner in the u.$.)

That’s why we must create a world where Colonized athletes can succeed! That can only happen through Colonized self-determination, so join Black Hammer TODAY to build that world!

This world is already crumbling with record-breaking droughts and heat already showing up. It’s time to pick up the hammer and build with us.

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  1. Amazing article! These thieves steal our medicines to win colonial awards and this is why we gotta build our OWN sports teams and centers ? Colonized peoples should never be barred from participating in events for using our ancestral medicines, especially to heal from losing a loved one ?


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