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Democrat Donor ed buck Trial Reveals Disgusting New Details

By Chief Xolotl

The trial of cave beast and prominent demokkkratic party donor edward buck continues in the notorious case of USA v. edward buck.

He faces nine felony charges for the African men he killed in his apartment; 26-year-old Gemmel Moore in 2017 and 55-year-old Timothy Dean in 2019. 

Horrifying details have emerged regarding the deaths of Moore and Dean.

buck had what journalists describe as, “a Tuskegee Experiment-like fetish that included shooting crystal meth into conscious or unconscious young Black men that he picked up off the street or via dating hookup websites.”

The 1,500 videos that were uncovered from buck’s computers and phones showed the graphic details of his crimes.

This is not the first bleach demon to fetishize African and Colonized people in sick and disgusting ways. To the colonizers, we are only seen as how we can serve and please them, whether it’s through the theft of our labor and resources, or in more despicable ways such as this.

Two rotten mayo monsters posing together (hillary kkklinton and edward buck on the right)

He would also call his victims the n-word and other racial slurs, abuse them, drug them, and as we’ve seen, even kill them. The media are covering this up as much as possible, referring to these murders as “they were found dead in buck’s apartment.”

Meanwhile, his attorneys are saying that the death of the two African men have nothing to do with the drug overdoses. Instead, they are saying that they died from “serious medical conditions.” Unsurprisingly, this was the same defense that the state used for the pig that murdered George Floyd in the street.

This illegitimate system will never give Colonized people real justice. Even if this colonizer is indicted, it is from a justice system that is built on stolen land and from the labor and blood of African and Indigenous people.

A jail sentence is just a drop from the sea of crimes that colonizers have done to us for hundreds of years.

These colonizers have never cared about our lives or our right to self determination.

This is why we must build our own systems, free of these colonizers. Black Hammer is building an entire city, Hammer City, that will be free of these monsters. So if you are a Colonized person that wants to be free of colonialism, join today!

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