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Cuba Under u.s. Sanctions… Again

By Chief Cheem and Comrade Ruiyen

Dementia joe lie-den recently stated that the sanctions on Cuba are “just the beginning.” 

July 22nd saw more sanctions aimed at the Cuban Defense Minister, Alvaro Lopez Miera, for “repression” on the few Cuban gusanos in the nation, licking the boot of white power. 

Cuba’s Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez, couldn’t have said it better in his tweet addressed to the mayo-packet colonizers from the u.$. on how they should stop their interference. 

As the u.$. empire grows increasingly desperate to gain control over Colonized nations, it will stop at nothing to spread famine, war and terror and sleepy joe has proven that there is no such thing as a “lesser evil.” 

All these campaign promises by the demokkkrats and biden especially, one of which was to reverse trump’s policies on Cuba, have been proven to be absolute lies.

The lesser evil the white left talks about

Guess there’s no such thing as a “lesser evil” after all. The white “left” has even more blood on its hands now. 

The u.$. so obviously places its own problems of repression and pig brutality onto Cuba and this is so painfully clear with Guantanamo Bay. Established in 2002 after the 9/11 incident, it has been the site of the worst kind of savagery imaginable.

Actual torture camp, Guantanamo Bay, run by the u.$.

“I was hung from an iron shackle with my toes barely able to touch the ground,” wrote current detainee Ahmad Rabbani in a letter to his attorney in 2008. 

“All my weight was hung from the iron shackle until my hand was about to be cut off and the blood was rushing down to my feet … All my body parts were shaking because of cut off blood circulation and my pulled and beaten body began hurting all over. My head, nose and mouth started bleeding.”

Ahmad Rabbani

The united snakkkes has called these brutal methods “enhanced interrogation techniques,” but let’s be frank—it’s torture pure and simple. And that’s the kind of savagery that colonizers have exported to the rest of the world while accusing others of “human rights abuses.”

Interestingly enough, biden has also promised to shut down Guantanamo Bay, which is why he may have released Abdul Latif Nasser, but don’t count on it. Like everything else he promised, it’s guaranteed to be a lie.

The situation in Cuba is simple to understand once we clear our heads of u.$. propaganda: it’s simply colonizer vs. Colonized.

Other Colonized nations recognize this and have shown out for their siblings in Cuba with Bolivia hittin the damn streets to show their unity with the masses of Cuba. 

Cuba has successfully broken the shackles of white power and has been punished for it ever since. 

Black Hammer will continue to build for Colonized people and raise hell here in the belly of the beast (u.$.) and around the world! 

We are inspired by the fierce struggles Cuba is putting up against colonialism and Black Hammer will do the same, pushing out any fake organizations just clout chasing or begging for the empire to stop being an empire. If you’re sick of fake revolutionaries and want to take back your land, life, labor and resources, join Black Hammer today!

We’re already on our way to building our first Hammer City with over $100,000 in donations so that we can break away from the crumbling system of colonialism just as the poor working class Colonized people of Cubans did.

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