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PSL: A Cult of Rapists & Abusers

By Chiefs Cheem and Xolotl

With the biggest and baddest anti-colonial organization creating its Headquarters in Atlanta—often referred to as the cultural hub of the world—there is less space for other “revolutionary” and fake organizations just clout chasing.

The Atlanta Chapter recently dragged the living hell out of a well-known (as well as notorious) white-led organization; Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL). 

Though the name “Party for Sexual Litigation” fits better as you’ll see soon enough.  

It was painfully obvious that these ku klux kommunists led the event (a failed protest against the blockade on Cuba) and were just using Colonized people (“people of color”) as puppets and tokens to talk with our own Colonized leadership. 

These white lackeys were the Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) who willingly chose to organize with and under their oppressor, begging alongside these colonizers for the largest empire in history, the u.$., to stop being an empire. 

For too long, these fake revolutionary organizations have done absolutely nothing for the masses of Colonized people who continue to suffer and have actually caused even more harm to Colonized people; rape, abuse, racism and the list goes on. 

Make no mistake, there are consequences to your actions. 

WWP (Workers World Party), BAP, BLM and PSL be warned: we’re coming for your asses.

Let’s start out with the colonizers who led the event we shut down, PSL. Get comfy and grab some popcorn.

Party For Sexual Litigation 

Many members from different chapters, disgusted with the way PSL defended the rapists and abusers within the organization, have had a lot to say. 

Members or ex-members from Albuquerque, California and Philadelphia have exposed the disgusting and horrible actions that members have done. 

What has also been exposed is how the PSL swept the accusations under the rug and defended the rapists within their ranks. 

And if that wasn’t enough, they slander the victims all over the internet in order to discredit their stories.

One colonizer and ex-member, Jake Symbol, had plenty to say around the white-led organization harboring rapists.

In the google doc linked within the tweet, a whole mess of details is attached. We’ve summed up some of the most prominent cases down below. Just some.


An ex-member from Sacramento, Autumn, disgusted with yet even more “systemic racism, sexism and other forms of bigotry” stated, “The rampant racism, sexism and favoritism in the party was unbearable and a constant hindrance to political growth and action.”

In regards to the most “damning thing” they witnessed, they pointed out “was the dismissal and coddling of a violent misogynist, rapist and anti-Semite, Jesse Thompson-Burns, who was given pass after pass simply because he had ‘founded the Sacramento branch.’”

We think Autumn puts it best when they mention the methods PSL uses to handle such controversy and accusations in their organization.

“The way the PSL has handled, and continues to handle issues of sexism, racism, and other internalized bigotry is not only reactionary it is causing the party to become cult-like.”


You can find their full statement on the topic here.


As if rape and sexual abuse weren’t enough, this case involves doxxing AND harassment of a member coming out to expose the sickness of another colonizer and PSL member. 

This story is perhaps the most publicized and well-documented one of any of the abuse cases that involved PSL.

Rapist and abuser steven

Steven Powers, yet another one of these mayo monsters PSL tried to defend for his rape of an ex-partner, was strongly shielded from any and all of the accusations brought to light by Steven’s ex-partner and now ex-member of the organization—Griselda Aclarado (a surname used by the victim for publicity). 

December 14th of 2020 was when PSL decided to doxx Griselda with a response to these accusations that contained her government name and only after Griselda begged and pleaded on Twitter for them to take the Tweet down—while suffering from a suicidal episode—did they do so. 

Only for PSL to repost the same response on their website and launch a targeted harassment scheme against Griselda.

But it doesn’t end there. A high-ranking member named Karina Garcia (married to the founder of the organization’s son) revealed themselves to be stalking Griselda after somehow finding them on Tinder.


Here we see the bleach demons also expand into anti-Indigenous slander in order to protect another predator. The Red Nation (TRN) came out to call out the disgusting acts from Chris Banks (AKA Christopher Cubillos), the “leader” of the PSL’s Albuquerque branch. It is exposed that PSL used TRN to recruit and groom Indigenous members to sexually harass and subsequently slander them when their stories were made public.

The PSL wrote off the victim’s stories as “emotional”, “paranoid”, along with other Indigenous slander that resulted in the victims being so demoralized, they completely left the anti-colonial movement. 

Of course, white-led PSL has never cared about Indigenous lives. They’re here on stolen land working to keep this illegitimate government alive even as they pretend to be “revolutionaries” out in the streets.

See the google doc linked in Jacob’s tweet for the full mess and coverup.

Conclusion: Guilty as f*ck

We’ll shut that sh*t down real quick. Don’t try us

As we mentioned earlier, there are even more cases of the Predator Support League being accused of such evil and wicked crimes but with what we’ve presented so far, do we really need any more evidence? 

The Black Hammer Organization has grown tired of these organizations and their abuse of Colonized people; the tokenism, the coercion and of course the rape-cult activities.

They parade themselves around as the solution to the system and instead continue the violence the system exposes our people to in their own cults!

If you’re sick and tired like we are, not just with these fakes and clout chasers but with the whole system, then be part of the change and the leader your community needs by joining us!

So move your rape cults and useless white-led organizations over and make room for the real revolutionaries in the room. We’re calling all of you out and working for the liberation of all Colonized people worldwide at the same time.

Use your writing talents to further the Liberation of all Colonized People by joining Black Hammer Times today! We are looking for journalists, reporters, poets, and more, so do not worry; there is a spot on our team for you.

You can also submit your work to us, and as long as it unites with our 4 Principles of Unity, you will see your writing published on all of our platforms.

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  1. Land back, this is an amazing article that really lays out the facts of what happened and clearly shows PSL’s patterns of abusive behavior. this is exactly why colonizer-led orgs are a danger, a suppressant, a distraction to anti-colonialism and anti-colonial orgs. only through Colonized leadership will we get free. and only through our dedication to the masses and determination to end colonialism can we eradicate sexual violence and achieve safety and freedom.

  2. Scary how so many orgs and individuals I used to respect decided to defend PSL recently because of this. I thought all leftists worth a damn agreed on denouncing that sex pest cult. Turns out a lot of these worthless orgs would rather dabble in some abuse-apologia in exchange for some clout and power. It’s sad really 🙁


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