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The People Have Spoken: Pedro Castillo Wins!

By Chief Xolotl

After a month since the election was held, former rural teacher Pedro Castillo has finally been declared the winner of Peru’s presidential election, on Monday, July 19th. 

The announcement comes after the longest electoral count in 40 years and fake accusations from his opponent, sellout and puppet dictator keiko fujimori, of electoral fraud without showing one scrap of evidence.

Castillo, who ran under the Peru Libre Party, came from a poor working class rural area in Peru and was popular with the Colonized masses of Peru. 

Pedro among the poor working class masses of Peru

This is in contrast to Fujimori, who was backed by the “elites” of the country and is the daughter of former president alberto fujimori—another puppet dictator responsible for massacres of the masses of Peru. 

The people have seen so many of these so-called “professional politicians” that only serve as neocolonial sellouts and often have numerous corruption charges brought against them. Which has been the case with both alberto and keiko fujimori for the last two decades.

$ellouts alberto and keiko fujimori

The result from these sellouts in power has led to the country having the highest global death rate per capita during the KKKOVID-19 pandemic. The devastation of the pandemic has crushed the copper industry of the country, which is the second highest copper producer in the world. 

A family carrying a casket with their own inside of it in Peru

Many poor working class Colonized people who work in the copper mines have suffered from extreme poverty. 

Evo Morales, another leader who comes from the poor working class and now President of Bolivia, came out on Twitter to celebrate Castillo’s victory. He said, “Es el triunfo de la dignidad y unidad del pueblo humilde sobre el neoliberalismo.” 

It is the triumph of dignity and unity of the humble people over neoliberalism. Black Hammer recognizes that this is a win against colonialism as well—not just against the side effect that is neoliberalism.

Castillo’s victory is just another sign that Colonized poor working class people are seeing the collapse of this colonial-capitalist society and are ready to rise up to have dictatorship over their lives!

Black Hammer sees the needs of the people and is building revolution worldwide, including in Peru and all of Pachamama (“south amerikkka”). It’s time for the masses of Colonized people to build for themselves instead of for the crumbling colonizer nations like amerikkka and europe.

Together and united against the white power system, we will build a world without murderous sellouts like the fujimori’s and create a world where no one lives at the expense of another!

Land Back!

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