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Texas Court Rules DACA “Illegal”: What This Really Means

By SM and BHT Staff

A Texas colonial kkkourt has ruled Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) illegal for “undocumented immigrants,” i.e. African, Indigenous and Asian peoples—Colonized people.

In the ruling, current DACA recipients can maintain their status for now, but the program will cease to exist for the tens of thousands of applicants who were waiting in the DACA Pipeline.

So what is DACA anyway? Well, it was a program started in 2012 by the obomber administration where “undocumented” children who were brought into the united snakkkes were protected from being deported.

Kids in cages labeled as "immigrants" when they're on their own land
Kids in cages labeled as “immigrants” when they’re on their own land

To qualify, they had to have been no older than 16 when they arrived and have lived there since June 15, 2007, and they are required to renew their protection every two years. The protection isn’t permanent and does not offer a pathway to citizenship.

Of course, such a program would not be needed in the first place if amerikkka wasn’t so busy bombing Colonized countries back to the stone age or using color revolutions to prop up neocolonial sellouts in order to steal land, lives, labor and resources.

Colonized people only immigrate to “western” countries (colonizer nations like amerikkka and europe) because that’s where all the “opportunities” are. But these opportunities are only available in the “western” states because they were stolen from the Colonized nations themselves.

Poverty in Mexico caused by years of colonialism and neocolonialism
Poverty in Mexico caused by years of colonialism and neocolonialism

Ever heard of underdevelopment? That’s what snow roaches do to ALL the Colonized countries they pillage, obviously to keep the wealth in their greedy little non-melanated hands, so naturally the masses have no choice but to immigrate if they want to live in more stable conditions.

That’s why we say that the root of all our contradictions, the root of all our problems as Colonized people, is colonialism.

We wholeheartedly disunite with the colony and any of its colonial programs like DACA. The only immigrant on stolen land is the euro-peon, not us!

We sit on top of millions upon millions of Indigenous graves in Turtle Island ("north amerikkka")
We sit on top of millions upon millions of Indigenous graves in Turtle Island (“north amerikkka”)

We must understand we should NEVER want citizenship from this colony built on the death and destruction of our own communities and land.

We, instead, must build our own system and organization against the colony, where our “citizenship” does not come at the expense of each other.

This is why we must form unite as Colonized people, unite in organization, and smash their system once and for all!

This also comes as the crisis of imperialism is worsening, and colonizers are doing what they can to maintain themselves as the majority in a crumbling colony seeing the growing resistance of the Colonized!

Protests in Africa against their sellout government

They see us rising up each and every day, and will do whatever it takes to continue oppressing us in the imperial core (the u.$.) and within our Colonized nations. 

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