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u.s. Pulls Out of Afghanistan Early: What’s Going On?

By Chiefs Xolotl and Cheem

The united snakkkes recently pulled its troops from Bagram Air Base, where the snakkkes and its other colonizer buddies coordinated their terror on the Colonized people of Afghanistan. 

The move was done in the middle of the night and weeks ahead of the timeline dementia joe biden said the u.$. would be pulling out of the country. 

Maybe dementia joe is having another one of his moments?

The departure of the u.$ in Afghanistan, a place where they have had a military presence since the 70’s, is reason for the Colonized masses to celebrate. 

While the west and their allies worry about the Taliban and how they will act without cave beasts in their country, the real terror came from the united snakkkes and their cia operation that exploited and robbed Afghan land and resources and effectively made Afghanistan into a narco state for opium production.

Before the united snakkkes arrived in Afghanistan, poppy production was minimal and was almost exclusively consumed by the Afghan people. 

Then in 1979, the cia started Operation Cyclone, an operation that brought in around $2 billion worth of weapons into Afghanistan to combat the Soviet Union. In this operation, the u.$. also built hundreds of opium refineries in Afghanistan to produce heroin as an exchange for shipping these weapons into the country. 

The colonized masses had absolutely no say into how their land, lives, and labor would be used. Instead, the united snakkkes reshaped their country and economy, making Afghanistan the producer of 75% of the world’s illicit opium. The occupation in 2001 by the u$ only increased opium production to unprecedented levels.

This is of course nothing new for these bleach demons. The u$ has its filthy hands all over the illegal drug trade. Whether it’s in Columbia, Panama, or even inside it’s own illegitimate borders, the u.$. have always been the biggest pushers of harmful drugs onto our Colonized people

joe lie-den stated “the responsibility of the Afghan people alone to decide their future and how they want to run their country” after completely destroying their livelihood. 

Colonized unity will be Afghanistan’s best friend in the coming years as the empire of colonialism continues to destroy itself while Colonized nations around the world build with one another, a world where no one lives at the expense of another. 

We are building alongside them and you should too

Black Hammer’s unity with our poor working class Afghani siblings who have been fighting off the colonizer parasites in their lands is unconditional as we recognize what colonialism has done to their nation. 

Land Back!

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