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Cuban Protests: What’s Really Going On & How To Help

By Black Hammer

On Sunday July 11th, protestors took to the streets of Cuba amidst growing food shortages and high prices, and the mainstream news is on it like a swarm of piranhas smelling blood. These protests are rare, by the way, so I guess the piranhas had to run with it before it ran out of steam.

However, what they won’t tell you is that while many of the protestors were concerned about the current situation in their country, some opportunists are using this as a way to undermine order and create chaos. Sound familiar? That’s because we’ve spoken about regime change operations before and if the shoe fits…

Let’s talk about why there are food shortages in the first place.

Gusanos protesting for Cuba to be under direct control of the u.$.
Gusanos protesting for Cuba to be under direct control of the u.$.

As a parting gift before he left the White House, president cheeto dust trump imposed a fresh round of sanctions on Cuba for being “state sponsors of terrorism,” whatever that means. 

That’s on top of the amerikkkan trade embargo that’s been in place for 60 years, which 184 countries voted at the UN to abolish, by the way. Guess who voted against this humanitarian resolution? Yep, you got it—the united snakkkes and isn’treal.

Now we’ve got pedo joe’s government talking about “the right to protest peacefully” and “calling for calm” as if the u.$ followed these stances during the summer rebellions of 2020. Or even after the rebellions were over.

Not to be outdone, of course, are the republikkkans. In a joint statement, u.$. sellouts Mario Diaz-Balart, Carlos A, Gimenez and Maria Elvira Salazar, shared their support for the protesters in Cuba. “The humanitarian crisis Cuba faces right now is yet another symptom of the incompetence and absolute cruelty of the Cuban tyranny,” they wrote. And you know marco rubio had to get in on this too with his own tweets.

Well, if y’all really cared about Cuba’s situation that much, you should lift the embargo once and for all so Cubans can get the food and resources they so desperately need. But nah, you’d rather use the suffering of ordinary Cubans to force a regime change on the people so you can extract more wealth and resources from the land like you used to with the sellout fulgencio batista before the Cuban revolution.

Let me remind you again that out of all the countries who voted to END the blockade, only the united snakkkes and isn’treal voted NO. This government could’ve actually done something to help the people protesting, but as all Colonized folks know, colonizers stay colonizing.

Let’s also not forget about the COUNTLESS assassination attempts on Fidel Castro meant to topple their government that’s truly for the people to install a puppet dictator.

Fidel holding up a photo saying "Hoes Mad"
Fidel holding up a photo saying “Hoes Mad”

Cuba’s President Miguel Díaz-Canel addressed the protestors on the same day, after personally talking with them in the municipality of San Antonio de los Baños.

“The protests involve many revolutionary citizens who want an explanation for the current situation in the country, but are also contaminated by groups of opportunists who take advantage of the current crisis to undermine order and generate chaos,” he said. “If they [the u.s] want to have a good gesture with Cuba, if they want to help the Cuban people, lift the Blockade.”

Cuba has done amazingly for a country under the worst of sanctions. Despite all the sanctions, embargos and blockades Cuba has still managed to create their own v*ccines. 

They knew damn well if they didn’t make the jabs themselves, no jabs would be available at all due to the crippling sanctions and blockades.

But it’s not a big country with a lot of resources, so it’s understandable that not everything has gone smoothly after the revolution of 1959. 

The u.$ has been punishing them ever since for this revolution that gave dictatorship to the masses of poor working class Cuban people over their lives, labor, lands and resources.

The only dictatorship in Cuba is the dictatorship of the Colonized masses.

Sane Cuban protestors show out for their nation at the Maximo Gomez monument in Havana
Sane Cuban protestors show out for their nation at the Maximo Gomez monument in Havana

Black Hammer is inspired and has learned from our revolutionary ancestors like Fidel to build a future where Colonized people are no longer chained by the shackles of colonialism. If you really want to help our siblings currently facing genocidal sanctions and blockades, spread the truth of what’s going on and help us build this future!

We stand united with our siblings of this proud revolutionary nation in their continued defiance of colonialism from a much bigger neighbor. Despite uncle $cam’s greedy maneuvers, the people have prevailed and will continue to forge ahead in revolution despite their current hardships.

Land Back!

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  1. ¡Viva la revolución cubana!
    I unconditionally stand with the colonized people of Cuba ?? and they are not alone in their fight! Black Hammer is uniting all of us colonized people to fight the colonial beast and we will defeat it once and for all.


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