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Deadly Bangladesh Fire Kills 52: New Details Emerge

On July 8th going into the 9th, a fire broke out in a food and beverage factory that killed at least 52 people with the factory owner and his four sons arrested and charged with murder. A total of 8 people have been arrested.

As the poor workers tried to escape, they found they were trapped by a padlocked door. 

Workers were forced to either die from the burning flames or jump from the 5-story building. Three chose to jump from the building and died. 

Bangladeshi masses mourning their loved ones lost in the tragic incident
Bangladeshi masses mourning their loved ones lost in the tragic incident

The rest of the victims were left charred by the inferno, including child laborers from the ages of 11-14 though the higher ages may be inaccurate as children will lie to get the job. 

Many flammable plastics and chemicals were located inside the building as well.

Sellouts in our Colonized nations don’t give a single damn about their people and to prove this point, we can look back at the Rana Plaza disaster which took place on April 24th of 2013, again in Bangladesh where at least 1,132 people died and over 2,500 were injured. 

The current president of Bangladesh was elected the same year this disaster took place and the fire that occurred again is under his rule. 

One of the many victims of the Rana Plaza tragedy, near buried by concrete and rubble
One of the many victims of the Rana Plaza tragedy, near buried by concrete and rubble

These types of tragedies are all too common under the system of colonial capitalism but Black Hammer wants to make clear that capitalism is not the root of these disasters; colonialism is. 

Colonized nations are always targeted by corporations looking to profit off of cheap labor, the rich and abundant resources that are in that land and of course, the land itself. 

The poor working class Colonized masses of Bangladesh currently have no control over their own lives, labor, land or resources which is why these tragedies continue to happen; not because of capitalism like many liberals and ku klux kommunists often love to blame.

Bangladeshi protestors demanding higher wages back in 2013

We stand in unity with our Bangladeshi siblings who continue to suffer at the hands of greedy sellouts and colonizers who both benefit from these tragedies. 

The only solution to these problems is to organize against them while attacking the root, for the Colonized masses to rise up and gain dictatorship, absolute control over their lives once again.

All over the world the poor working class Colonized masses are rising up against the disgusting system of colonialism that allows for so much suffering and it’s time we all get free, to build a world where no one lives at the expense of another.

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