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Haiti’s “President” Assassinated: The Details You Need To Know

BHT and Social Media Staff

The u.$.-backed puppet tyrant that called himself president of Haiti, jovenel moise, has been assassinated early Wednesday morning!  

jovenel moise was assassinated in his residence by unidentified gunmen, with his wife, martine moise, sustaining injuries from gunshot wounds. martine is in critical condition and will be airlifted to a hospital in Miami for treatment.

Video has circulated online of the mercenaries speaking in Spanish and English.

Video of the assassins at night

Strangely enough, a Dominican Air Force helicopter crashed in the Haitian town of Jimani, raising even more questions around the situation. 

The unidentified gunmen claimed to be DEA before charging into the house and assassinating the puppet dictator. 

Martial law has been declared in the Colonized nation for 15 days with a “state of siege” called for—the second-highest level of emergency—along with a “mourning period” for the sellout who tap-danced for white power. 

This puppet was a neocolonial sellout who actively worked against the people, kidnapping, torturing and killing protesters who demanded he step down, while continuing to allow colonizers to rape the nation. 

Biden speaking on how much Colonized nations like Haiti don’t matter to u.$ interests

But we know the u.$. and other colonial-imperialist powers will do what they can to exploit this situation and work to instill another puppet leader, with interim “president” claude joseph already eager to sell out his people for more crumbs from the white man.

Whether or not this assassination was perpetrated by a colonial power like the u.$., the Colonized masses of Haiti must unite to end the oppression and suffering which stems from colonialism and neocolonialism (puppet sellouts like Moise).

The fruit of revolution continues to ripen in Haiti and soon the masses of poor and working class people in Haiti will have dictatorship once again over their lives, labor, land and resources that for too long have been looted by the bleach demon colonizers and boot-licking sellouts.

All of this comes after months of protests and demonstrations against the puppet government calling for moise to step down as president despite his term ending back in February of this year.

We salute the Haitian masses for being an example to the Colonized poor and working class masses of the world of resistance against colonialism! We must continue to unite as Colonized peoples, recognize these sellouts only continue our oppression, and create organization and Revolution!

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  1. Unity with the people of Haiti! I can imagine a world without colonizers and sellouts and our unity and hard work will get us there. Excellent article!


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