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Rest in Power To The Late and Great Haunani-Kay Trask

SM and BHT Staff

Rest in power to Haunani-Kay Trask, an Indigenous Hawaiian Revolutionary who fought against colonialism and imperialism.

Trask dedicated her life to fighting for her people, for the return of her lands to the dictatorship of the Native Hawaiians and for the path toward sovereignty.

Her work, “From A Native Daughter,” exposed how the “haole,” or bleach demons, colonized and destroyed the lands of Hawaii.

Detailing just how disgusting the settlers were on her land, she depicted what colonizers have done to all Colonized nations filled with rich nature and beautiful lands; from the plague of tourism that Hawaii suffers through to this day, to the destruction of the environment along with the extinction of native species that came with the arrival of the mayo monsters.

The book also discusses the prostitution of Hawaiian culture that led to the world’s view of Hawaii as all “hula and aloha”; the twisted view and misunderstanding of Hawaii as just another place to visit for vacation.

She was never afraid to call out and condemn amerikkkan imperialism, colonialism and all colonizers benefitting from the colonial system wreaking havoc on her land.

With this same energy, Black Hammer unapologetically calls out each and every genocidal act committed by the colonizers today as the whole planet is now nearing a disaster with global climate change already scorching the earth with record-breaking heat.

And just to be frank, we would never cry for the oppressor. Ever.

Haunani-Kay Trask recognized the struggle against colonialism was being fought globally—wherever there were native peoples, there were the bleached demon colonizers stealing the labor, lives, land and resources of those people and their nation.

Black Hammer continues this non-stop struggle against colonialism and honors the legacy of Haunani-KayTrask by building Colonized unity worldwide—recognizing that all Colonized people face the same oppressor—through anti-colonial organization to smash colonialism once and for all.

The late and great Haunani-Kay Trask

Rest in power and a revolutionary salute to an anti-colonial inspiration for all Colonized people. Haunani-Kay Trask will forever live on through her writings as well as in the struggle against colonialism and all those who take up the task of anti-colonial revolution.

Land Back!



  1. Land back! Great article. Rest in power Haunani-Kay Trask. As a Pacific Islander her words echo in my soul: WE ARE NOT AMERICANS. I will live and die as Indigenous. She is a wonderful ancestor, which is what I aspire to be.


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