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Sha’Carri Richardson Banned? The Truth of The Story

SM and BHT Staff

African track and field star Sha’Carri Richardson, who plays for the u.$ team, has been suspended for one month from the Olympic team for testing positive for weed.

This means her results at the u.$. Olympic track and field trials in Eugene, Oregon last month are disqualified and she will not be allowed to participate in her signature 100M race at the Tokyo Olympics later this month.

While weed is a whole damn natural plant we use to heal ourselves and just enjoy our lives under colonialism, we know white power will do anything to target and keep us down.

White players get to compete and establish entire careers on STEROIDS, but sis smokes a plant and can’t compete. Make it make sense.

Brian Cushing and Lance Armstrong, bleach demons who still have successful careers
Brian Cushing and Lance Armstrong, bleach demons who still have successful careers

To prove just how much this system hates Colonized people here’s an example of how these mayo sapiens get a pass for their actual use of performance-enhancing drugs: Brian Cushing, an NFL player, was named rookie of the year and was allowed to finish the season despite being exposed for his use of steroids.

Lance Armstrong is another vanilla gorilla who won multiple medals and competitions as a cyclist, ALL while juiced up on steroids. Both of these colonizers still have successful careers.

Need more proof of the hatred this system has for Colonized people? The Tokyo Olympics has banned

  • BLM Apparel
  • Raised fists or Kneeling
  • Banned swimming caps for African hair

From stealing the dances of African TikTok creators, to stealing the opportunities for Colonized people to win a competition (in Richardson’s case), the bleached parasites in our lands have proven again and again that they will continue to push Colonized brilliance down.

We know these policies and laws were created to target, incarcerate, and kill us, so we ain’t surprised. The “war on drugs” is one of these policies/laws that was so obviously meant to destroy our Colonized communities.

It’s time Sha’Carri Richardson, and all our famous Colonized athletes, commit class suicide and leave the u.s. olympics team out here working against them in every way possible. If you’re tired of this colony attacking us everyday, come build the new world and join the REVOLUTION!

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