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How To Fix Climate Change For Real

Chief Cheem

“Youth activists” have been arrested at the White House for their protesting against climate change and begging for action on the issue from the rainbow administration of jim crow joe. 

These empty calls and demonstrations are not getting the Colonized masses anywhere closer towards the end goal of creating a sustainable future. 

Empty calls begging white power to do something about the mess it caused

They are liberal hamster-wheel calls that beg the oppressor for something they would never give in to—and to prove this point to you let’s look at the Line 3 Pipeline construction. 

This pipeline, which would carry a type of oil that when burned will release a huge amount of greenhouse gases, and many others have been protested by the Indigenous people of Turtle Island (amerikkka) who have always fought back against the destruction of their homelands while these liberal organizations like the sunrise movement protest at the homes of the sellouts and colonizers in power. 

Of course, this energy could be better used to organize and bring about a dual-contending power where we could rival the system of colonialism—the root of all of our problems—as it continues to crumble and tries to leave us with a dying planet. 

Colonizers aren’t gambling, they’re actively destroying the lives of Colonized people. A sign won’t change that

But instead, white-led nonprofit organizations like the sunrise movement are funded by the very enemy themselves. 

Sunrise movement received a donation of $250,000 from Democracy PAC dated 04/29/2020. “Democracy PAC is a Super PAC started by and entirely funded by Democratic megadonor george soros and Fund For Policy Reform”, says an article from medium.com. 

It’s time to abandon these non-profits funded by the colonizers who have continued their destruction of our lands and sellout politicians (like AOC) to build something real for us at the bottom; the Colonized masses of the world who continue to suffer under the boot of white power. 

Destroy the colony we call the united snakes and build the future

To take part in the fight against the root of all our problems, you must build outside the system from scratch but good news for you, Black Hammer has been building non-stop towards the liberation of all Colonized people. Not just standing in unity like these clowns at sunrise movement. 
No bill or “green new deal” will save us from the slavery of colonialism. Not now or ever.

So enough empty demonstrations and getting arrested. Let’s get free in our lifetimes. If you’re a Colonized person reading this, follow in the steps of your ancestors to bring about a world where no one lives at the expense of another.

Land Back!

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