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america Tries To Shut down Iran’s PressTV and Fails

By Black Hammer

The land of the “free” and home of the “brave” has struck again. In what can only be called the most cowardly move ever, the domain for Iranian news outlet was seized by the government of the united snakkkes on Tuesday June 22nd. If you click on the link above, you’ll see this notice:

The hypocrisy the united snakes engages in
The hypocrisy the united snakes engages in

So much for freedom of press.

But PressTV isn’t the only Iranian news outlet the u.s has done this to. Iran’s Arabic channel, al-Alam, has also come under the wrath of the empire, as well as Yemen’s al-Masirah TV channel and Bahrain’s Lualua TV network.

There’s only one reason the slithering snakkkes took these channels off the interwebs and that’s because they debunk the lies of the empire. Along with other Colonized alternative news sources such as Venezuela’s Telesur, China’s CGTN and Cuba’s Granma, Iran’s PressTV reported news from a strongly anti-imperialist viewpoint, unlike the mainstream media in the west.

Naturally, the colonizers couldn’t have this and so they set out to silence any dissent. The european cave beasts can’t have the poor and working class Colonized masses of the world revolting against the colony, don’t you know?

What strikes us the most though is the outright hypocrisy of it all.

The u.s is always going on about “freedom of speech” and “freedom of press,” and yet they’ve seized another country’s domain because they exercised exactly that same right.

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t freedom of expression mean you can say whatever you want, even if it goes against the government? That’s the whole point of a democracy, after all. You know, the thing that amerikkka is always preaching about to other countries.

Even colonizers like ben norton recognize the hypocrisy his government engages in
Even colonizers like ben norton recognize the hypocrisy his government engages in

Well, this doesn’t sound very democratic to me. In fact, it sounds downright autocratic, like a whole damn dictatorship.

Not to worry though, PressTV isn’t giving up without a fight. You can still access their other channels here:

Black Hammer knows the injustice of state censorship all too well.

Our main Instagram account has been banned for our unity with Palestine and our stance against the attacks by the devil colonizer jews of isn’treal (Israel), with our main Twitter account having been suspended before as well.

The Twitter account of our friends at Hood Communist has also been suspended for speaking out against the crimes of colonizer nations and sellouts alike.

The bleach demons are running scared, y’all. The more poor and working class Colonized masses rise up against their unjust rule, the more they try to repress us. But it won’t work. No matter how hard they try, we’re still going to be here building a future where nobody lives at the expense of another. We’ve already passed out half a million pieces of PPE, liberated 200 acres of land to build the first Hammer City, and we’re making water filters so nobody has to drink poop-infested tap water ever again.

Join Black Hammer today and help us build this world!

This empire will fade to dust, but our glorious future will rise from their ashes. Our voices will never be silenced and we will always resist these attacks.

So long as we continue to build Colonized unity, leadership and organization, our victory is inevitable.

Land Back!

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  1. absolute hypocrisy! the disunited snakkkes screams about freedom of press but will violate any country’s freedom of press to maintain control of the narratives. the empire is falling yall, they can’t silence us forever! we gon keep speaking about what’s happening!


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