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Murderer Derek Chauvin Sentenced To 22.5 Years In Prison

By Chief Cheem

Today on June 26th, over a year after the lynching and murder of George Floyd, the pig who committted this act on behalf of white power has been sentenced to a short 22.5 years in prison. As outraged as everyone is at this sentence, let’s not forget that colonial courts, pig departments and the injustice system of amerikkka are all on the same side; the side of colonialism.

We shouldn’t be surprised down the road if derekkk receives an early release for his “good behavior” or whatever bullsh*t excuse they throw our way. This sentence is shorter than others in which there was no death involved for example simple drug possessions leading to life in prison. There are countless non-violent cases that involved no deaths yet exceed the sentence given to derekkk the pig.

We look forward to the experiences derekkk will face in prison

Have we forgotten that the three other pigs who stood by and watched as derekkk slowly murdered Floyd are free on bond? They will not be tried until later on in 2022 meaning that for being accomplices, people who have helped in a crime, they are free to go until their sentencing trials.

Colonized people who still had faith in the injustice system of amerikkka need to let go of whatever faith they may have in it to see that these courts, “justice” and “laws” are for the colonizers only. Those laws don’t apply to Colonized people when we can be gunned down, choked to death and murdered at any time by the state.

Proof that even loyalty to the colony will get you nowhere. We are Colonized before anything else to the genocidal system of colonialism

As with every case of a Colonized person being murdered by these blood-thirsty pigs, the person committing the crime will always be given a simple slap on the wrist (especially if they’re an inbred colonizer like derekkk) in comparison to the harsh and brutal sentencings that we the Colonized face.

One moment during the sentencing trial was a disturbing one in which derekkk got up to offer a pitiful and meaningless “sorry” but right after said “there’s gonna be some other information in the future that would be of interest and I hope things would give you peace of mind.” Whatever this sad statement that is trying to push the blame off of himself means, we’re not falling for it.

“When you sentence my son you will also be sentencing me”, squealed the mother of pig derekkk chauvin. Does it look like we care, ya white parasite?

Our organization has always held true to our stance that there will never be any justice received for Colonized people under this illegal settler colony we know as amerikkka built off of our genocide and enslavement; enslavement that still continues today through the prison industrial complex here in amerikkka and in all Colonized nations that are exploited for their labor, land, lives and resources.

Today’s trial proves just that.

If you’re tired of the countless murders by pigs and of our genocide across all Colonized nations that is currently ongoing, help us and your community build this world where no one lives at the expense of another.

True justice lies in the hands of the poor and working class Colonized masses, in the ability for us to organize a dual contending power against the colonizer nations that are now crumbling faster than ever; that means our own defense, medical, economic, and agriculture systems or any other aspect of life that you can imagine. We’ve already secured the land for one our largest projects, Hammer City! Over 200 acres where there will be no pigs murdering us in cold blood, no rent, c*vid OR white people. Black Hammer is building this dual contending power so that we can finally be free from these systems of white power that continue to laugh in our faces, taking us for fools when it was we who created the magnificent societies of the past, far greater than those of the savage cave beasts of europe who currently dominate the world.

We will be victorious in our struggle against white power.

Land Back!

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