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Colombian Protests and Police Brutality Continue: Facts You Need To Know

By Chief Cheem and Chief Xolotl

Nearly a month into protests against the government of ivan dookie (duque), the pig brutality, state violence and massacres continue as the Colonized masses of Colombia continue to fight back against neocolonialism, white power masking itself as a Colonized person. As the disapproval rate for the puppet dictator working for white power soars to 79%, it’s clear that this government is digging its own grave.

Just yesterday on June 23rd, another innocent life was taken—this time the life of a man riding his bike after finishing up work, dying after a fatal blow to the head by a tear gas grenade. The pigs did not even allow the man to be taken to a hospital. Instead, they circled the area, continuing their terror on the people standing against this violent sellout regime. 40 other people were also injured during this pig crackdown on the masses.

ESMAD riot police are accused of indiscriminately firing at protestors

Sadly, this is not the only person that has been murdered by dookie’s oppressive and violent state. As of June 21st, 76 people have been murdered by pigs or paramilitary forces in the country since April 28th. Additionally, the Institute of Studies for Development and Peace (INDEPAZ), reports that there have been 43 massacres in Colombia since the start 2021. This amounts to a massacre happening every 4 days.

Along with these killings, there have been 4,285 cases of pig brutality, 1,832 arrests of innocent Colonized people, and 28 sexual assaults by the pigs. Looks like the neocolonial regime of dookie is taking its cues from their puppet master, the united snakkkes, on how to deal with its uprising. So much for a free and democratic state for the people.

All of these statistics however are definitely not the full extent of the violence being faced by the Colonized masses of Colombia.

Non-men uniting to defend one another, a touch one, touch all policy similar to Black Hammer’s

The majority of these killings are done by right-wing paramilitary forces that are given the green light by dookie and his regime. This regime has done nothing but make the poor working class masses suffer from not only state-sponsored murder but with “tax reforms” that only push the masses further into poverty. The state knows the true power that poor working class Colonized people have when they rise up as one and oppose the neocolonial rat trying to live amongst them. 

Our Colombian siblings are already waking up to the fact that colonialism is not only destroying their nation as they stand in unity with their Palestinian siblings who are facing an ongoing genocide and heavy violence from the illegal settler colony of isn’treal (israel).

Colombians burning the blood-soaked rags of isn’treal and amerikkka

Black Hammer is organizing to defend our communities not just against pig brutality and state violence but the system of colonialism itself that allows for such violence on our Colonized communities. It’s time that ALL Colonized people unite and organize against their puppet government so that they can take back absolute and complete control over their lives, labor, land and resources that are currently in the hands of white power. To build a dual contending power against the oppressive and genocidal system of neocolonialism that continues to brutalize innocents and the youth whose future has been robbed from them.

United to attack the core of the problems we face, the Colonized people of Colombia will be victorious in their struggle against white power to take back all that is theirs. We stand in full unity with our siblings down south in Pachamama (“latin america”) and will continue to expose the crimes against Colonized people that the colonizer nations of europe and amerikkka fund and support.

Viva Colombia y tierra y libertad para todas personas Colonizadas!

Land back!

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  1. Land back great article! We Colonized people stand united and we WILL get our liberation!!! Colombia WILL be liberated! We will free ourselves from the chains of colonialism! Biba y Viva Colombia!


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