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Sleepy Joe Meets With Putin: What You Missed Out On

By Chief Cheem

On June 16th, dementia joe and president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, held a meeting to discuss the future of their countries as the u.s. empire continues to fall. 

What came out of the deal was uneventful for the most part as the u.s. continued unfounded, baseless accusations against Russia with absolutely no evidence; they pointed the finger saying it was Russian hackers that halted the Colonial oil pipeline in the united snakes back in May and of course their usual wack accusation of “election interference”. 

The only interference that goes on within the u.s. elections are from the disunited vanilla gorilla colonizers and sellouts in power themselves, as they fight for different sectors of industries (weapons manufacturers vs. Silicon valley, oil producers vs. tech giants). 

One other sensitive topic to the u.s. is the case of alexey navalny, a euro-peon nationalist who isn’t afraid to show his true colors. With a band of nazis and Islamophobic colonizers behind him, navalny is stirring up a storm of violence. 

The united snakes and other colonizer nations however, want this outright colonizer in power to replace Putin and are denouncing the alleged poisoning of navalny back in August 20th of 2020. With this and many other excuses, the u.s. has already placed sanctions on Russia once more. 

While press conferences are typically held by both leaders together for journalists from both countries, pedo joe insisted on doing it separately from putin, while putin’s press conference included both amerikkkan and Russian journalists and he appeared to give both sets of journalists equal time. On the other hand, sleepy joe only allowed amerikkkan journalists at his press conference and reportedly clashed with a CNN reporter. Scared much, joe?

It’s painfully obvious that the u.s. empire desperately wants Russia on its side as Colonized unity and the People’s Republic of China, a champion for Colonized nations around the world, continues to grow stronger worldwide, with the Belt and Road Initiative threatening the whole economic system of parasitic nations that has dominated for centuries. 

Black Hammer will be keeping a close eye on which side of the battle Russia will choose to play but we know Russia sees the downfall of these bleach demon nations; it would be smart of them to fall under the leadership of the Colonized nations that surround them and to not backstab China as the euro-peon empire falls faster and faster each day. 

There is no saving this weakened and dying colonial empire that has forever held a monopoly on the world’s resources, labor, lands and lives—all of which belong to the poor working class Colonized masses of the world who have beforehand lived in harmony with the lands now being destroyed by colonizer nations and dementia joe’s intersectional rainbow administration. 

That’s why Black Hammer is continuing to build while the colony crumbles but we need all hands on deck to steer the ship of revolution! With chapters all over the world, from Africa to Pachamama (“latin america”), there isn’t one place in this world where we’re not looking to take the land back for Colonized people. Colonized unity and anti-colonial organization will pave the way for a world where no one lives at the expense of another—a world where white power/colonialism can be thrown straight into the dustbin of history.

Land Back!

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