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3 Reasons Why Critical Race Theory is TRASH

By Chief Turey

It’s undeniable. The rise and fall of Critical Race Theory [CRT] was a fun dumpster fire to watch while it lasted, but it’s finally time to let it die. If you’ve stuck with us for a while, this shouldn’t come as a shock. Black Hammer didn’t spare any criticism for feminism or for intersectionality—the last theory that popped out of kimberle krenshaw’s crusty coochie, so it shouldn’t come as a shock to you when CRT gets a spotlight and we have to call it out as worthless. Worse. In this fight for the Colonized working class to get free, it is actively poisonous.

The sellout who racks up dollars while the masses of her people suffer worldwide

Does that trigger you? Well, here are three reasons proving me right.

CRT wants you to assimilate

What CRT and liberal ideas lead to: Raytheon, a weapons manufacturing company funded by genocide, following “intersectionality”

At the core, CRT sees race as a legal construct, an idea that is created and enshrined by the laws written and enforced by colonizers. It assumes that racism can be overcome by taking down old “racist” laws, and putting up new laws in their place. 

Based off this assumption, it would be in the best interest of poor and working class Colonized people to help reform the “old and racist” empire and prop up a new “anti-racist” empire. An empire where hand-selected Colonized people can steer the drones killing Africans in Somalia, or show off their collection of advocates for CRT, (almost all of them petty-bou negroes and tokens like krenshaw) are willing to die on the same hill that their predecessors in the Civil Rights Movement died on: assimilation into the colonial empire should be our ultimate goal. “Our” in this case being the minority of sellouts willing to throw the mass majority of poor and working class Colonized people under the bus for a dollar. 

The temptation of this approach is its complete erasure of hard work in our journey to liberation. According to the petty-bou, our work as Colonized people is in combating the racist ideas in white people’s heads. Revolution, which is an enormous and brutal struggle, can be put to the side in favor of peaceful coexistence with the same colonizers who continue to rape us, murder us, and bring us closer to climate catastrophe every waking second.

In the war of ideas, CRT is willing to settle for an intersectional empire, under the likes of a Kopmala Harris, instead of, you know, taking our land back from that colonial empire.
In the war of ideas, CRT is willing to settle for an intersectional empire, under the likes of a Kopmala Harris, instead of, you know, taking our land back from that colonial empire.

It says our history starts at Colonization.

Back in 2019, another petty-bou shill, a woman named nikole hannah-jones, put together the 1619 project for the New York Times. The journalism project has since been adopted into school curriculums, emphasizing the structural foundation of slavery within the amerikkkan empire, the name itself taken from the year that stolen African bodies first landed on Turtle Island as enslaved people.

The 1619 Project has exemplary curriculums and academic texts that shine a light on the amerikkkan slave system. Rather than framing that bloody system in a much larger global system of european colonialism—a system enslaving, genociding and dehumanizing Colonized nations around the world—the authors of these kinds of projects have an almost pathological obsession with the experience of enslaved Africans on Turtle Island. The torture and murder of millions of Africans on amerikkkan plantations is sold to us as the beginning of African History.

First contact between Indigenous nations of Turtle Island and european colonizers is likewise sold to us as the beginning of our own history—the history before then, spanning tens of thousands of years being of zero value to the colonizer parasite and the genocide that followed framed as an unfortunate consequence of the “natural” development of a parasitic colonial empire.

Recreation of Choika civilization, Choika Mounds
Recreation of Choika civilization, Choika Mounds

There is no room in a Critical Race Theorist’s mind for a history of a Colonized people before colonization. No room for a future that survives the fall of Colonialism. Turning the genocide of hundreds of millions of people into trauma porn for white liberals is just an insidious kind of amerikkkan exceptionalism (the belief that amerikkka is the best): “Colonized people have no need of a history outside of the colonial one they were forced into by dirty ass europeans. Their role in this system may have been enforced on them, but we, the liberal elites, have seen the error of our ways. The empire we inflict on the world is righteous, and even if it wasn’t, it is never ending. Why wouldn’t you want to be represented in that system?”

Yeah, no thank you, nikole. Your check from the University of North Carolina isn’t worth the continued gaslighting of poor and working class Colonized people. 

The root is not racism, it’s Colonialism

The parasitic relationship of colonialism as African children are enslaved for companies like Nestle

According to CRT goons, racism is the original sin of amerikkka, the driving force behind the creation of it’s bloodiest institutions: chattel slavery, Jim Crow, the prison system, and so on. But racism is just an ideology, it’s a thing that only exists in people’s heads and ideas don’t make societies. Economic relationships do. And amerikkka’s relationship to Colonized people is a parasitic one, sucking our blood to keep its economy running

The problem with centering racism, not colonialism, as the primary foundation of violence in a white power colonial world is that a theory born from this lens offers no solutions to change that world. The best any of these uppity academics have to offer is affirmative action, selling your people out for the almighty dollar. Because that’s the only end goal of this identity politics garbage: appealing to colonizers for some small crumb of their plunder and damning the masses of poor and working class Colonized people you have to step on to get it.

Where anti-colonial revolution says that we will not be content until we take back full dictatorship over our land, lives, labor and resources, sellouts from patrisse cullors to angela davis are happy to beg the Democratic Party for everything they have. 

The same goes for so-called solutions based around anti-racism (rather than anti-colonialism). Take for example the “abolitionist” movement. The thinking goes that we tear down colonial prisons, we defund the pigs, then amerikkka and the world will be healed from 600 years of genocide. What they forget, or maybe what they know and don’t care to talk about, is that amerikkka itself is the prison. Every colonizer is an extension of the pigs, they are all foot soldiers for the colony. 

One has to look no farther than Gaza, and the barbaric “March of Flags” preceding the bombing of Palestinians, to see that the genocide of Colonized people will continue so long as Colonialism is allowed to stand.

Throw It All in the Trash

We must build revolution to be truly free

Just like intersectionality, CRT is a creature of petty-bou law school graduates like krenshaw, whose main concerns are validating the white whipping class that pays their salary. Even if they weren’t sellouts to their own Colonized nations, which they are, their theories have done nothing but murder the revolutionary energy that springs up around them.

Instead, why not uplift anti-colonial revolutionary principles that treat this crumbling colony with the animosity, the hatred it deserves?

Colonialism is crumbling more and more every day. Colonized poor and working class people and nations are BUILDING over the ashes of the slave ship. And when victory comes for Black Hammer, for Colonized people everywhere, this empire will be nothing but a footnote as the shortest empire in human history. We will not glorify the parasite, we will not respectfully bury it. We will throw it into the trashcan of history, and dance on its grave. We will accept nothing less than absolute victory, and the sellout tokens who still see a place for themselves in the slave ship may as well sink with it. We will not save them.

Land Back!

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  1. Wow!! Well laid out article on why critical race theory is trash and how colonialism is the root cause of these contradictions, not racism! Land Back!

  2. Incredible piece I fully unite with everything you said ? thank you for laying this out so clearly ??

  3. how is CRT devoid of global politics, imperialism and corporate democratics when the study goes directly into the neoliberalism? the framework may not be encapsulated by colonialism, but CRT does not say race and colonialism are separate entities. correct me if im wrong

    • Yes CRT discusses neoliberlism, a symptom of colonialism but CRT still advocates for a reforming of the system where Colonized people are continuously genocided and falls short of calling for the abolishing of this murderous system altogether. We’d rather and actually HAVE TO build a new world where we don’t have to rely on white people seeing us as human, which most of them never will. And learning about CRT in amerikkka won’t stop colonised people from being droned, bombed and starved to death in Africa, the middle east (West Asia), latin america (Pachamama), and every other Colonized nation currently being destroyed by colonizer nations like the united snakes


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