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Aung San Suu Kyi: White Power’s Prized Sellout

By Chief Cheem and Comrade Ruiyen

Today marks the birthday of the boot-licking, white-power-sellout rat, aung san suu kyi—or aung san sellout for short. We got a birthday gift of our own for the witch; a nice little dragging, you feel me?

While many are praising her as a sign of “democracy”, Black Hammer recognizes this snake for what she is; a leader that has done nothing for her people except leech off of them, as all sellouts do. 

Did ya’ll know aung san sellout prefers the name “Burma”, a name given to the country by the colonizer cave beasts of britain? The name was changed to Myanmar to reflect the more accurate pronunciation in their language.

If that don’t sound some alarms, you gotta listen harder. 

aung san sellout with hillary kkklinton
aung san sellout with hillary kkklinton

aung san sellout has met with sellout leader barack hussein obomber and colonizer hillary kkklinton in the past, receiving much praise from the African sellout with the most blood of Africans on his hands for her “fight for democracy”. Being so buddy-buddy with these two ain’t a good sign at all.

Furthermore, the failed leadership of both the military and aung san sellout have sparked rebellions from the people. Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya—a minority group who are worshippers of Islam that make up more than a million of the population—had to flee their homes in Myanmar after brutal crackdowns from military pigs.

Despite this, aung san sellout defended the mass killings and abuse in a show of Islamophobia—a stance that Black Hammer is strongly against. We uphold our Second Principle of Unity which states ALL Colonized poor and working class people are equal. I guess that nobel peace prize she won speaks for itself.

Hamida, a Rohingya refugee woman, weeps as she holds her 40-day-old son after he died as their boat capsized before arriving on shore in Shah Porir Dwip, Teknaf, Bangladesh, September 14, 2017
Hamida, a Rohingya refugee woman, weeps as she holds her 40-day-old son after he died as their boat capsized before arriving on shore in Shah Porir Dwip, Teknaf, Bangladesh, September 14, 2017

Myanmar, like many other Colonized nations, is rich in resources but we can guarantee you that no ordinary citizen ever saw those riches. As with all cases of colonialism, only the bleach demon colonizers and a few sellouts (like aung san suu kyi) ever benefited from the loot.

The majority of the people who toiled day and night extracting their own natural resources barely saw any of it. That led to many violent rebellions in Yangon (what was then known as Rangoon) until the 1930s, and calls for independence came during that time as well.

Yenangyaung oil wells in 1910. All the wealth generated by these natural resources went straight to britain before independence. Foreign companies were allowed to invest in oil and gas projects again after 1988

Independence was eventually established in 1948 with a weak civilian government, which paved the way for a military coup in 1962. The new government began nationalizing the nation’s assets under the Burmese Way to Socialism but that’s when the economy tanked. This, of course, is then blamed on the government “isolating” themselves and communism. Whether this happened due to mismanagement or something else, we don’t know for sure.

Sadly, even after the reforms and opening up during the new “democratic” government of aung san sellout in 2011, the fortunes of the people have not improved much. We understand that it’s difficult to restructure a society after years of colonial and neocolonial rule, especially if one quarter of the government is still decided on by the armed forces and we’re certainly not expecting miracles. Hell, it took China more than 40 years after opening up to fully eradicate poverty, so we know there aren’t any quick fixes either.

However, foreign companies soon flooded the country looking for cheap labor to exploit and siphoned off whatever resources Myanmar had left while the vast majority of the masses remained poor and neglected. For example, HIV and AIDS is still a big problem in the country, especially amongst sex workers.

Myanmar sex workers are often also trafficked
Myanmar sex workers are often also trafficked

Most of these folks, including children, come from the countryside because there are barely any prospects for them there and try to make a living selling their bodies in the big cities, yet remain uneducated (through no fault of their own) of how sexually transmitted diseases spread. The government, for the most part, has stalled any attempts at stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS because it’s seen as the victim’s own fault.

In this Sept. 1, 2012 photo, an HIV-infected woman, center left, gets her medicine through intravenous drips after fainting while another HIV patient is also treated in a hut shared with other HIV-infected patients at an HIV/AIDS center on the outskirts of Yangon, Myanmar. Only the sickest patients get drugs.

Drugs for HIV are also notoriously hard to get, very expensive when they’re available and going to the hospital is off the table for most people because again, it’s too damn expensive so many victims end up dying.

The diverse Colonized people of Myanmar must take up their own leadership, unite with one another and forget about any idols or saviors like this witch aung san suu kyi to end all types of exploitation. It will be them who create a Myanmar where there is peace and stability, a world where no one lives at the expense of another.

Colonized unity and anticolonial organization will pave the way for success!
Colonized unity and anti-colonial organization will pave the way for success!

We stand in full unity with the Colonized masses of Myanmar and call on them to build true revolution to end the mass suffering that has plagued their Colonized nation for so long. The only way to do this is through building Colonized unity and anti-colonial organization; the only way to free not just Myanmar but all of Asia from the chains of colonialism and neocolonialism. 

The Colonized masses of Myanmar must unite regardless of their ethnicity, religion or any other differences so that they take dictatorship over their lives, land, labor and resources which have been stolen from them by colonialism and neocolonial sellouts like aung san suu kyi who parade around in their expensive outfits and attire while the masses of Myanmar continue to suffer.

aung san sellout robbing the Colonized masses of their wealth to hoard it for herself
aung san sellout robbing the Colonized masses of their wealth to hoard it for herself

So f*ck aung san suu kyi and LAND BACK to all the Colonized poor and working class people of Myanmar!

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