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Devastating Flex On White Power As Iran Sends Warships Overseas

Chief Cheem

Iranian warships have been sailing across the seas towards an undetermined location as the united snakkkes watches powerlessly. The united snakkkes has claimed these ships are on their way to Venezuela, however an official spokesperson for the President of Venezuela, Nicholas Maduro, has denied that the ships will dock there.

amerikkka isn’t able to do anything about these warships due to international laws put in place and a so called “rules-based order” that the united snakkkes always prides itself in following. Besides these international laws, it’s clear as day that the u.s. is no longer able to bark and bite at countries without any push back from Colonized nations, as these nations continue to build their unity with one another.

Iranian Army Deputy Coordinator Rear Admiral indicates the path of the Moudge-class destroyer Sahand and intelligence-gathering ship Makram as they traverse the Atlantic Ocean for the first time during a press conference on June 10

Iran and Venezuela have been close allies showing off their Colonized unity to the world throughout the years. It is necessary for Colonized nations to collaborate together especially as these nations continue to valiantly struggle through economic warfare in the form of sanctions by the u.s. and its colonizer allies.

Seeing as both the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela are both under these genocidal and murderous sanctions, it is that Colonized unity that always shines through to fight back against colonialism and the cave beast colonizers.

In the past, this Colonized unity has provided the Colonized masses of Venezuela with fuel from Iran as the crushing sanctions on Venezuela are no joke. These tactics and unity are getting on the nerves of these bleach demons with senator of Florida marco rubio tweeting his little temper tantrum.

marco rubio’s temper tantrum on twitter

Even with literal attacks on Iran from colonizer intelligence agencies, which have ranged from literal assassinations in the case of the murder of top Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh or the sabotage of the Natanz nuclear facility that caused a fire, Iran continues to defy colonizer nations like isn’treal (israel) and amerikkka.

We laugh at the dis-untied snakkkes and colonizer nations who stay dropping the ball as they can no longer keep up with their dying empire. A new world is on the horizon and Colonized nations are recognizing this. As a representative from China states, “The days when global decisions were dictated by a small group of countries are long gone.”

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro meets with Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Tehran in 2016

Ya’ll it is time to build for ourselves so stop building for white power and take back dictatorship over your own life, labor, land and resources.

Black Hammer is leading this struggle against the dying empire of colonialism as we build alongside our Colonized siblings who uphold our second principle of unity when they show their unity and cooperation with other Colonized nations. Despite coming from completely different sides of the world, we must take up our leadership as leaders of the revolution that is to come.

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  1. Yess! Love to see that colonized unity! The disunited snakkkes can’t control where colonized ppl go ?


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