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Victory for Peru: How fujimorismo Lost Its Power

By Chief Cheem

The open veins of Pachamama (“latin america”) are once again being sealed off from the colonizers as yet another victory for the people has been achieved in Peru with an election that has shown the immense support in favor of Pedro Castillo, a poor working class Colonized leader of the people.

Pedro Castillo is one with the people, an educator and farmer that is planning on overturning the sinking economy that the previous economic system of “fujimorismo” led the masses into. fujimorismo is a nickname for the privatization, austerity measures (high prices and high taxes) and neoliberal policies that only served to worsen the suffering of the poor and working class Colonized masses of Peru under the dictator alberto fujimori.

In other words, fujimorismo meant giving away the labor, lives, land and resources of the nation to other colonizer nations.

Castillo’s opponent, keiko foochi-moldy (keiko fujimori),  the daughter of alberto fujimori lost the election with a close race between the two. Like her father who was sentenced to 25 years in prison for crimes against humanity, foochi-moldy is also facing charges and is currently on parole for corruption.

keiko fujimori handcuffed and detained on corruption charges
keiko fujimori handcuffed and detained on corruption charges

Under investigation for these corruption charges since 2018, prosecutors are asking to put keiko foochi-moldy behind bars for 30 years on charges of organized crime and money laundering.

But to touch on the crimes of foochi-moldy’s father, he created a coup to renew the constitution and privatized state-owned mines in order to serve the colonizer nations and their interests. Even his own wife and keiko’s mother denounced the crimes alberto was committing but was quickly silenced with torture.

Many might fall for the lies that white power news outlets are spitting out seeing that the race is very close but just as with any other nation, the colonial institutions and propaganda have brainwashed a significant portion of the Colonized masses and would explain why there are those voting against a new administration that is truly for the people.

Protest in the streets of Peru against neoliberal witch keiko fujimori, person holding a sign saying: "fujimorismo never again"
Protest in the streets of Peru against neoliberal witch keiko fujimori, person holding a sign saying: “fujimorismo never again”

The people won’t allow for a recount of votes as keiko calls fraud as an excuse to silence the poor working class people of Peru and turn the thin lead Pedro has in votes into a win for herself and white power.

It’s clear that this family of no good sellouts has no interest in helping the poor working class of Peru, This is why the election of Pedro Castillo should be viewed as a huge win for the people of Peru and Colonized people everywhere.

And if you’re still on the fence on whether or not keiko or Pedro is the true candidate, keiko has a team of mainly colonizer lawyers; white power is LITERALLY on her side. Meanwhile Pedro Castillo’s party, Peru Libre is taking the lead as a beacon of hope for a nation that has been under the boot of white power/colonialism for centuries.

Indigenous Andean supporters of Pedro Castillo, proves he is the candidate of the masses of Colonized Peruvians
Indigenous Andean supporters of Pedro Castillo, proves he is the candidate of the masses of Colonized Peruvians

Black Hammer celebrates and upholds the struggle against colonialism and neocolonialism in Peru, supporting the masses in their righteous struggle to take back their lives, labor, land and resources from genocidal sellouts like alberto or keiko foochi-moldy. When the Colonized masses rise up and unite under a common goal, in this case getting the corrupt sellout keiko out of power, they can accomplish and overcome anything that stands in their way.

As white power loses its grip on the world, and as colonialism continues to destroy itself and crumble. Colonized people everywhere must BUILD for their future, our struggles are connected to one another no matter how far the distance or how small the resistance. Black Hammer is leading the worldwide resistance against colonialism and neocolonialism and is calling on all Colonized people to take part in the resistance that will end the era of colonizers and sellouts, to continue the struggle your ancestors and our siblings around the world are taking on today!

We’re already building for a future without white power as we continue to build Hammer City, a city with no pigs, rona, rent or white people, and grow a dual contending power against the colonial state.

Power to the poor working class people of Peru!

Viva Perú y muerte a los vendepatrias!

Land Back!

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