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Colonial Media Spins UFO “Sightings” Into a New Arms Race With China and Russia

By Black Hammer

So the latest threat to the white power states of amerikkka is… UFOs?

Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) were apparently spotted by military pilots over the past few years and have been dismissed as tinfoil crackpot theories for as long as they’ve existed, but for some reason, everyone in mainstream media is taking it seriously this year.

UFO captured by a u.s. navy pilot
UFO captured by a u.s. navy pilot

Article after article spins the news of these so-called UFO sightings. Are they aliens from outer space? If yes, are they coming to kill us? Colonial media outlets are screaming, “Wait, maybe it’s not aliens after all—it’s Russia and China! Their weapons are more advanced than ours. The Pentagon must upgrade our weapons just in case, so give us more money!”

Ah, so that’s what it’s about. That’s the spin, isn’t it?

This stuff about UFOs isn’t really about UFOs at all. It’s about the new cold war and the militarization of space so amerikkka can ensure “full spectrum domination,” AKA the colonization of space.

The same old routine was used in the early sixties; the Cold War is raging on and colonizer-in-chief kkkennedy is telling the white whipping class amerikkka has a “missile gap” with the Soviet Union (USSR). What does that mean? Put simply, it was a narrative that the USSR had more and better quality nuclear weapons than the u.s. There’s one problem though—it was all false. Completely fake news.

You see, kkkennedy knew without a doubt that amerikkka’s nuclear arsenal was much superior in both quantity and quality than anything the Soviets had, but he had to say it to win an election. Running for peace never got nobody elected, especially in an illegal nation built off of genocide and slavery, don’t you know? And so, kkkennedy was elected on that lie and history is now repeating itself. I mean for the third time, that is; this “missile gap” fake news happened again under President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s, which led to something called the Strategic Defense Initiative, nicknamed as the “star wars program”.

Nobody’s running for election right now, but we are in the midst of a new cold war with two “hostile” foreign governments—Russia and China. Both countries supposedly have hyper-sonic weapons which the u.s doesn’t have and according to a “senior official,” u.s officials immediately knew that the UFOs were not amerikkkan technology. Therefore, it must be Russia and China! Or aliens from outer space!

A graph showing the united snakkkes spending more on their military then the next ten countries combined
A graph showing the united snakkkes spending more on their military then the next ten countries combined

Lets take for a second that the snakes are being honest with their claim that they “can’t figure out” what these unidentified aerial vehicles are. It should speak to just how useless and weak the u.s. military truly is. With their yearly budget of over $700 billion -which is as much money as China, Russia India, Japan as well as the next 6 countries spend on defense combined- how could they not have the capability of finding out what exactly these objects floating in the sky are? this claim should be seen as a slap to the face of Colonized people across the world, These inbreed savages have truly lost their sh*t, if they expect the Colonized masses to fall for their warmongering tactics again and again. 

So how should we be making sense of this as poor and working class Colonized people?

First of all, recognize that the white power colonial state doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you beyond what they can take from you. They’ll happily steal your land, resources, lives and labor if it keeps them in power for as long as it takes. We should not be looking up to these bleach demons for any kind of guidance whatsoever.

Secondly, amerikkka’s enemies are not our enemies. China has no desire to dominate the world, and neither do Iran, the DPRK, Cuba or Venezuela. These countries are only amerikkka’s “enemies” because a military empire such as the u.s needs enemies to go to war with to maintain absolute control over, well, pretty much everything on this planet. 

Last, and perhaps most importantly of all, amerikkka needs these wars to keep the Pentagon and weapons manufacturers afloat. Think about it—how much money can the military and weapons manufacturers make if there were no wars and everything was peaceful? 

These wars are only waged against Colonized people anyway. From AFRICOM to SOUTHCOM to all the other COMs in between, amerikkka has been waging war against the poor and working class Colonized masses of the world and it’s these “colored” people who are being killed at genocidal rates, not the parasites.

the united snakkke's plan to continue the genocide colonization of the world
the united snakkke’s plan to continue the genocide colonization of the world

Besides, if aliens were ready (or when they are ready) to visit the earth and contact humanity they would quickly see a dying planet. Ravaged by 600 years of colonialism, and recourse depletion, they would quickly understand that the parasitic colonizers are keeping humanity from achieving the only stage of production that would allow us to advance into the cosmos, which will only come under a Colonized communist dictatorship.

So perhaps aliens are here. There’s probably a good reason why they do not want to step foot on this decaying planet, and that is because of colonialism! For now pay no mind to lies by the united snakkkes about UFOs and join Black Hammer! We’re taking the land back and everything else that was stolen from us by the colonizers and our only goal is to liberate ALL Colonized people, uniting them against colonialism and the parasites in our nations.

Want to debunk wack white power propaganda and expose the truth of this genocidal system? Join Black Hammer Times! We call out white power’s bullsh*t lies with our words and we need your help. Join our PR and Website departments today!

Join Black Hammers Website Department today!
Join Black Hammers Website Department today!

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  1. Excellent article. These colonial news “sources” don’t got a clue what’s going on. They really wanna make up stories about UFOs and then blame Russia and China to manufacture consent for war with them and make colonized people afraid of them.


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