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Elon Musk Crashes Bitcoin, F*cks Sh*t Up For Colonized People

By Chief Xolotl

Elongated muskrat (elon musk) has long been a problem to Colonized people. From the sources of his family’s wealth being an emerald mine in Zambia that uses African slave labor, to exposing many Colonized people to C*VID-19 by refusing to keep one of his Tesla factories closed at the start of the p*ndemic, he has never concerned himself with the lives of Colonized people.

Colonial media outlets have made muskrat out to be some genius, creating a pro-colonial-capitalist delusion for the Colonized masses to believe in that says “you can be a millionaire too if you just work hard enough!” 

But his recent moves and comments surrounding cryptocurrency are also a glaring example of how inbred colonizers just move for their own benefit without any consequences…for now.

elongated muskrat laughs as he enslaves the Colonized masses for his own profit

During a Saturday Night Live episode where he showed how plain he is (like any saltine cracker), muskrat made comments surrounding the meme turned cryptocurrency, dogecoin. Whatever came out of that untalented colonizer’s mouth made the price of dogecoin plummet, sending the internet and Wall Street into a panic. This is after showing support for dogecoin in the months prior, causing the price to go up.

After this, muskrat went back and forth with bitcoin. He went from initially voicing support for bitcoin, even buying $1.5 billion in the crypto and accepting it as a form of payment for Tesla, one of the many useless and resource wasting companies that muskrat has his crusty hands over. 

After making the price of bitcoin rise in the next few months (sound familiar?), he made a U-turn, saying that his company would no longer accept bitcoin as a form of payment. He cited concerns over the amount of energy that is needed to mine the cryptocurrency.

Just like with dogecoin, bitcoin stock fell drastically after the muskrat’s comments.

Dogecoin value fell 40% after the colonizer’s tweets

And on June 3rd, muskrat went on Twitter and further played around with the market. In the tweet, Muskrat wrote “#Bitcoin” with a broken heart emoji in reply to a meme surrounding lyrics from “In The End” by Linkin Park.

Well in the end, that tweet sparked yet another drop in bitcoin stock. All of these are examples of a bleach demon having dictatorship over an emerging and alternative form of payment outside of government regulation. Just as is the habit of all colonizers, they feel the need to have control over all the resources in the world. 

As we poor working class Colonized people have always known, colonizers and sellouts love to play god with people’s money and lives. Colonizer billionaires like Muskrat move only in their own interests, taking and looting from our people not just in the united snakkkes but in all Colonized countries around the world.

Another example of how the colonizers live off of our labor, land and resources. A cobalt mine in Africa is pictured above; cobalt is a precious resource used for lithium batteries, like those in Tesla cars

At Black Hammer, we are giving all Colonized people the tools to take back what is rightfully ours, the lives, land, labor and resources stolen by colonizers like elongated muskrat. Our Economic Development Committee is arming the Colonized poor working class with the knowledge needed  to gain the material resources that have been stolen from us. 

Cryptocurrency such as bitcoin is just another resource that MUST be in the hands of the Colonized masses, and not in the hands of a muskrat who has made his name and fortune off the blood, sweat and tears of poor working class Colonized people. 

If you are interested in helping Colonized people around the world and to educate each other on the true nature of these new currencies while exposing the genocidal system that allows for mayosapiens to become billionaires off of our labor and resources, join the Black Hammer Organization and help the Colonized masses regain dictatorship over our land, lives, labor and resources. 

Land Back!

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You can also submit your work to us, and as long as it unites with our 4 Principles of Unity, you will see your writing published on all of our platforms.

We are also looking for donations to solve the water crisis in amerikkka which continues to take the lives of innocents to this day. Donate here to our Science and Technology Committee so that we can provide clean water to Colonized communities worldwide!

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  1. I also wanna add, grimes been making tiktoks on how AI is the fastest path to communism (??) and in one of her vids elons voice was caught in the background trying to say something about investing in bitcoin. both of them r absolutely unhinged. but most of all it exposes how fragile the colonizer’s economy is because one word from a lunatic can really unleash such havoc.

  2. These colonizers will take anything we try to use for our survival and to get through this system and ruin it, we gotta make our own world that they can’t control!


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