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White Devil Tactics: How White Power Nations Destroy The World

By Black Hammer

The CIA has a new recruitment video out. Anyone seen it? They use all the “woke” words and pay lip service to things such as “intersectional” and “cisgender” and “woman of color,” and it’s currently being mocked by those on both the colonizer right and left. 

If you know what the CIA truly stands for, you’ll know it’s got nothing to do with “knowing your worth” or “commanding your space” but everything to do with stealing the land, labor, lives and resources of a Colonized nation.

Hong Kong, ukraine, Belarus, Bolivia These are the most recent examples of “protests” for “western-style” demokkkracy but the CIA has a very long history of creating such unrest in nations that go against the colonizer’s interests, especially in Pachamama (“south america”). These are called “Color Revolutions.”

Indigenous woman marches against the coup in Bolivia.
Indigenous woman stands up against the $ellout coup in Bolivia 2019.

But first, what exactly is a “Color Revolution?”

When colonizer leftists refer to a “color revolution”, they are talking about neocolonialism—a system whereby the colonizers are replaced by sellouts, white power disguised as Colonized leadership. 

It’s a social movement that did not occur organically, by the Colonized masses. Instead, these movements are created by colonizers, organised or funded by the united snakkkes, NGOs (non-profits) or colonizer nations, to force a regime change for their interests. With this in mind, it is clear that a Color Revolution is a “protest” or “movement” that the Colonized masses did not genuinely start themselves and one that is used to forcibly change the government of their country.

Let me give you some examples:

Guatemala—The Overthrow of President Árbenz (1954)

a painting depicting the u.s. colonization and destruction of Guatemala
A painting depicting the u.s. colonization and destruction of Guatemala

The Guatemalan Revolution began in 1944 after a popular uprising toppled the military dictatorship of Jorge Ubico. This was a genuine revolution led by the Guatemalan masses and it was this revolution that gave Guatemala its first democratically-elected president, Juan José Arévalo. He was succeeded by Jacobo Árbenz and that was when it all went to sh*t.

See, amerikkkan companies didn’t like Arévalo because he instituted land reforms and gave the land back to the Colonized poor working class. United Fruit Company (now known as Chiquita) was especially concerned of Árbenz, as they were no longer able to use the stolen land of the Colonized masses or exploit them for their labor to make profits. As the continued colonization of Guatemala was essential for the company, they lobbied the u.s. government to do something about Árbenz who was eating into their stolen profits and next thing you know, the CIA was on it.

They trained a force led by Carlos Castillo Armas and after the united snakkkes had criticized and isolated Guatemala from the international stage, Armas’ forces invaded the country and he became the new president. The United Fruit Company continued reaping the profits of stolen land and labor from the poor Colonized working class people of Guatemala.

Indonesia—The Arrest of President Sukarno (1967)

Two Revolutionaries: Ho Chi Mihn and Sukarno
Two Revolutionaries: Ho Chi Minh and Sukarno

The masses of Indonesians had just liberated their country from the Dutch colonizers and Sukarno, born Kusno Sosrodihardjo, became the country’s first president. He was a nationalist as well as a strong anti-imperialist, everything that colonizers fear and hate.

In 1965, six generals were kidnapped and murdered in a movement called the “30 September Movement” (G30S). Guess who this movement was started by? Yep, you got it—the CIA. This so-called “movement” then took over the airwaves and announced that from now on, Sukarno’s entire cabinet was to be dismissed and replaced by a “Revolutionary Council.”

This was then broadcast to the entire world as a “Communist coup,” plunging the country into chaos. Two years later, President Sukarno was put under house arrest and his general, Suharto, became the new president of Indonesia. The country was purged of communists after that and now it’s a bastion of environmental disasters courtesy of deforestation and the logging industry.

By now you probably see through the CIA’s playbook and how it continues to stir up trouble worldwide, but if not, here’s a more modern example for you:

Hong Kong (2019-present)

the Hong Kong rioters destroyed huge parts of their city, all while asking for the united snakkkes to back them up
the Hong Kong rioters destroyed huge parts of their city, all while asking for the united snakkkes to back them up

It all began with an amendment to the extradition law, which stated that Hong Kong residents could now be extradited to Mainland China and Taiwan. Many countries—yes, even “democratic” western ones—have laws similar to this one so it shouldn’t have been controversial, and yet, protests erupted all over the city because residents believed it would undermine Hong Kong’s autonomy. Some even waved u.s. and u.k. flags! The mainstream media won’t admit it of course, but this has all the words Color Revolution written all over it. 

In this particular case, this is neocolonialism in action once more since it isn’t a euro-peon government being overthrown. 

How neocolonialism works to destroy a country

A graph showing u.s. colonization & a political cartoon depicting how neocolonialism works
A graph showing u.s. colonization & a political cartoon depicting how neocolonialism works

First you take a country that’s getting in the way of white power, usually a Colonized nation, find out its weak spots. What grievances do the locals have? Is there a sellout you can bribe to do your bidding like the genocidal sellout of Indonesia, suharto? Great! Move on to step two.

Make this sellout the representative for democracy—”hope and change”, if you will—and propagandize the hell out of them. Don’t forget to mention that the current government is a “dictatorship” which violates all human rights and keep repeating this until you’ve captured a segment of the population. 

These sellouts now need someone to direct them, so pick someone young and charming and tell them what to say, how to behave, who to look towards for guidance and voilà! You’ve got yourself a “movement” for demokkkracy! Congratulations, your “Color Revolution” worked. You have now successfully done a regime change.

This is the basic strategy for neocolonialism, which still continues today. In order to battle neocolonialism, we must unite as Colonized people and call out these sellouts who will give away their nation for a few crumbs from white power. The bleach demons that work to keep white power ruling/destroying the world have evolved and use words that sound “progressive” to confuse the Colonized masses.

But a sellout is a sellout, and at the end of the day, if a Colonized nation does not have complete and absolute dictatorships over their land, lives labor and resources, then those resources will go to serve white power. It is only through the organized Colonized masses that we can stand up to the bleach demons who have committed genocide after genocide against our ancestors

If you come from a Colonized nation, JOIN Black Hammer and end these cycles of genocide; break the chains of neocolonialism and recognize that it is colonialism that is at the heart of ALL our problems. 

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