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Crypto-what? The Only Guide You’ll Need To Cryptocurrency: Part 2

By Comrade Juice and The Economic Development Office

What Can Cryptocurrency Mean For Me?

Have you ever wondered how cryptocurrency could work? Or how it could possibly affect you or your community as a Colonized person? You should always start by weighing out your options through research. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and many more have been growing in popularity since their creation in 2009. Included in the over 5,000 available options are “gag” tokens such as the surprisingly valuable Dogecoin (see feature image).

Some only operate in certain countries, with different fees for buying and trading, while others send funds/tokens at a quicker speed, etc. Essentially they are all the same in that they are secure peer-to-peer electronic currency systems. Many crypto sites allow you to create an account online without needing a social security number, ID, or an address like banks do; a huge benefit to Colonized people around the world sending funds from one place to another. Another similarity is the block-chain—the secure, anonymous, and public ledger that records transactions between users who send and receive tokens. This online ledger can be accessed by any user, and only lists the anonymous usernames. One of the most celebrated aspects of cryptocurrency is its security; it can be difficult to track and hard to hack. 

Cryptocurrency has been used around the world for all sorts of transactions.
Cryptocurrency has been used around the world for all sorts of transactions.

Cryptocurrency is an emerging contender to today’s economic systems and has become an increasingly popular topic from newsrooms to lawmaker offices across the world. More and more merchants are accepting different types of cryptocurrency and treat tokens as they would card and cash. Supplies and resources can be bought securely and anonymously under your made-up username. Anything from medical supplies to clothes, food, water, etc. This can be useful when sending money internationally because you can cut out all the private financial institutions and intermediaries. Oftentimes money apps and services require you to disclose personal information just to create an account. With cryptocurrencies, all you need is the internet and the internet is global.

This is important for poor working class Colonized populations without access to banks or hardly any access to them. Even those who are able to access a bank must have a government issued ID, a home address, and other information that many people may not be able or willing to provide. There are many regions across the world with unreliable service where people are often locked out of accessing their own money—with banks pocketing whatever money they had in the first place for themselves. However when sending crypto tokens to a friend, a network of computers work together to ensure you have the tokens in your virtual wallet available and proceeds to send them after you have entered in your private key or pass-code.

Colonized country's are using Cryptocurrency to a greater extent.
Colonized country’s are using Cryptocurrency to a greater extent.

​​​​​​​As of today, crypto is not under the dictatorship of Colonized people, meaning we have no control over our resources including this new one of cryptocurrency. And until we have complete control of our land, labor, and lives then we cannot rely on those who are in power—the colonizers and sellouts of our nations that control our currency and lives—to teach us about this new currency.

Before involving oneself into cryptocurrency, as stated before, you should look into what is available to you. There can be restrictions on certain cryptocurrency sites due to your geographical location. The most user-friendly apps for those investing smaller amounts of their money into crypto would be sites such as Coinbase and Bitpay. Cashapp also allows its users to buy Bitcoin through their mobile app. However, it is highly recommended to download a virtual crypto wallet to transfer your tokens into. The reason being that Cashapp isn’t as secure as other apps and services designed specifically to store and secure your crypto money. Virtual wallets can be kept on your phone as an app, desktop, or even a portable hardware wallet device much like a USB, otherwise known as a nano ledger.

Different types of Nano Ledgers
Different types of Nano Ledgers

Crumbling colonies, Crumbling currencies

Central banks have been scrambling because they are used to competing only amongst each other and nations for power of currency. Now they are losing control. They are concerned with how much money is in circulation and in order to keep value high, they have always been able to manipulate the supply through economic policy. However, the block-chain does not answer to monetary policies enacted by illegitimate governments on stolen land.

Cryptocurrency is not the perfect alternative as it can still be influenced by the existing oppressive economies, as well as brands, celebrities, and even viral memes. The thousands of existing systems of cryptocurrencies are not the be-all end-all for using alternative forms of currency. Rather they can prove to be a practical framework for creating and developing similar systems, but under the dictatorship of the true proletariat; the Colonized poor and working class masses of the world.

If they are to eventually phase out then what could that look like? It could look like other alternate forms of currency, and we may just be in a beta stage with today’s present currencies and cryptocurrencies. Remaining scientific and united in Colonized brilliance is the key to deciding for ourselves what it will look like.​​​​​​​

Are you a colonized person with experience in Cryptocurrency? Join our Office of Economic Development Today! and use your skills to liberate the Colonized Masses!
Are you a colonized person with experience in Cryptocurrency? Join our Office of Economic Development Today! and use your skills to liberate the Colonized Masses!

Within the Office of Economic Development, we provide all the information needed for Colonized people to arm themselves with knowledge and preparation. Economies in nations all over the world are constantly competing and changing, often at the expense of the Colonized working class. There is a digital currency race that could soon affect every person from every corner of the globe and we must know what is to come.

If you would like to read more of this research or if you are interested in doing Economic Research please reach out to our office at [email protected] with any questions or comments you may have! Please also consider donating to our Hammer City fund which is the first step of many in getting all the land back for Colonized people worldwide. If you would like to support our office directly you can also donate to our cashapp @bhoecondev.

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