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Canada EXPOSED: Remains of 215 Indigenous Children Found

By Black Hammer

The remains of 215 Indigenous children were found at a former “residential school” (concentration camp) in kkkanada. The children, some as young as three years old, were students at the Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia that closed in 1978. Their remains were found using a radar specialist. This “school” was where Indigenous children were often sent to after they were stolen from their families and communities by the colonizers.

According to a Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada report in 2015, 150,000 Indigenous children were funneled into this system and more than 6,000 of them were murdered by this colonial system. Although we’ll probably never know the true number of deaths, they will be much higher than whatever reported seeing how brutal the colonizers were and still are today.

The report also documents extensive physical abuse, rape and starvation amongst many other genocidal acts the children suffered through in these schools, which were often run by Christian churches on behalf of colonizers in Ottawa from the 1840s to the 1990s. In fact, the Catholic Church operated roughly two thirds of these schools, something pedo-harboring pope francis still hasn’t apologized for.

Bleach demon colonizers smiling as they commit mass murder

Like all settler colonies, schools like these were formed especially to beat the culture out of Indigenous peoples, replacing their Indigenous culture with the violent and murderous one of the colonizer. These viscious acts have been committed by ALL colonizer nations and while kkkanada likes to pretend it’s a beacon for “progressiveness” and “human rights,” they continue to prove themselves the parasitic bleach demons they truly are.

As much as kkkanada’s prime colonizer justin turd-o said that the discovery “breaks his heart,” the genocide of Indigenous people has never stopped in kkkanada. Natives make up 30% of its prison population and in the town of St Paul, a farming town and community; here, murderous bleach demons actually go around hunting for homeless Indigenous folks to assault.

The crocodile tears shed by the vile colonizer justin turd-o as well as the fake remorse felt by white “leftists”, should be taken as a slap to the face for all Colonized people. This type of mass grave and genocide are not new pains to the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island (or for any Colonized person around the world), rather they are open wounds that have been felt for centuries, as their ancestors were forced off their lands and punished into forgetting their culture and traditions as well.

Performative Activism

There are centuries worth of history that reveal how these “boarding schools” were created by state and private actors in order to develop detailed plans to exterminate all Indigenous people. These “boarding schools” were a cover-up tactic that claimed to have “civilized” these Indigenous children and acclimate them to this white power system, but we know that the true intent of the colonial state was to wipe out all traces of the indigenous kin and disrupt generations of Indigenous communities.

These horrendous discoveries do not refer to a genocide in the past but an ongoing one that never ended, enacted by all white power and neocolonial states against Indigenous and all Colonized people continues to occur today and it’s time we organize against this mass murder. The only way to stop this savage massacre of our people is to build an anticolonial dual-contending power while white power continues to fall and Black Hammer is doing exactly that.

Our 200 acres of liberated land will be a place for us to practice self governance and to provide for the masses of suffering Colonized people a true place they can call home. Our Kanada Chapter chapter is leading the people to be the true leaders of the revolution. Take part and join us to build the future while the colony destroys itself; a world where no one will live at the expense of another.

Land Back!

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