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Take The Money and Run! BLM Cofounder Patrisse Cullors “Resigns”

By Chief Cheem

To no one’s surprise, the co-founder of BLM, patri$$e khan-cullors, is escaping from the heat and has “resigned” from their position after making millions off of their “activist” career, backstabbing the poor working class Colonized masses for money. Folks, this is one of the clearest examples of a sellout in action. 

Though khan-cullors is brushing off these accusations as “right-wing smear campaigns that are trying to discredit her character” we are unsure how this explains her owning four homes, a part of her vile financial portfolio which was disclosed last month. 

Black Hammer has been exposing BLM’s profit-greedy grip on mainstream amerikkkan “aCtiViSm” for years now, unmasking them for the neocolonial sellouts (white power made to look like you) they are. We ain’t surprised about this news. 

As BLM crumbles let’s recall the organization’s last controversial eight years. BLM in its entirety has been extremely damaging to the anticolonial struggle in crushing white power as it funnels unsuspecting Colonized people into a hamster wheel of protests and bullsh*t “activism” that does nothing to serve Colonized people.

It has infected liberation struggles in the united snakkkes as a corporation in flimsy disguise, taking private donations from state actors, being co-opted by the white whipping class itself—going so far as to use revolutionary language with buzzwords like “marxism.” 

Let’s dive into the tea real quick and see how this bum sellout used the millions in donations for herself. Over the last few years, this sellout enjoyed a real-estate shopping spree for four high-end homes totaling a whopping $3.2 million. She purchased one house in Topanga Canyon, another in Los Angeles, a “custom ranch” in Georgia, and a house in Atlanta! These ain’t typical houses either. They’re luxury homes reserved for the white whipping class and of course sellouts like patri$$e herself.

Sellout patri$$se cullors and the properties they purchased with the stolen money of Colonized folks
Sellout patri$$se cullors and the properties they purchased with the stolen money of Colonized folks

This shows what neocolonial sellouts do to Colonized people; they sellout their people and use them for personal gains, getting crumbs from white power by changing the focus away from the root cause of the problems the Colonized masses face. 

The mothers who are criticizing patri$$e and BLM are absolutely right to be furious with Samaria Rice the mother of 12-year-old Tamir Rice who was murdered at the age of 12 by pigs, saying “They are benefiting off the blood of our loved ones, and they won’t even talk to us,” while also recognizing “activist” shaun king as another one of the many sellouts that use the deaths of Colonized people as clout for their careers. 

We couldn’t have said it any better.

The phenomenon of white power taking the form of these “nonprofit activist” groups in order to corrupt and sabotage revolutionary language and tools into more digestible, liberal, normalized movements is a carefully strategized method by the white ruling class. This is neocolonialism in action. 

We as anticolonial revolutionaries teach our people, time and time again, to abandon all hope and support in these non profit organizations, these sellouts that run around and act as if they are making change or creating revolution.

 In actuality, these sellouts have been absorbed into the very white power system that torments and murders Colonized people here in the united snakkkes and around the world daily—the same system that sellout organizations like BLM claim to fight against.

Hammers guiding Colonized people away from the hamster wheel of protests and into revolution!
Hammers guiding Colonized people away from the hamster wheel of protests and into revolution!

Join Black Hammer to take our power into our own hands and recognize our place as leaders in the revolution that is fueled not by the evil colonizers and sellouts, but the truest and most raw source of power there is—us, the Colonized masses of the world; the Colonized poor working class people who know that anticolonial revolution is the only path to liberation for all Colonized people. 

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