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Bleach Demon Kills 9 in San Jose, CA: What You Need To Know

By Chiefs Cheem & Jucha

On Wednesday May 26th, a shooting occurred in San Jose, California where yet another colonizer decided to massacre innocent people—in this case taking the lives of his co-workers which included Colonized people.

One of the victims, Taptejdeep Singh, fought till the very end by making sure others were safe and warning coworkers coming in for their shift of the situation, proving the resilience and bravery of Colonized people.  He left behind a family.

The hero who fought till the very last moments of his life

With amerikkka on its way to break its 2020 record of mass shootings, having 232 so far including the recent massacre in San Jose, it is only more proof of the sickness the colony breeds. 

More than that, even the colonizers hate the system they created! But like with any crakkker, their temper tantrums lead to such mass shootings despite us Colonized people being the real victims of this genocidal system. 

Of course, Colonized people don’t have the luxury of being assumed innocent like these white shooters have. Just by merely existing we’ve already got a target on our backs while white shooters who kill massive amounts of Colonized people are handled with less than lethal force.

Colonizer devil dylan roof being apprehended calmly by fellow colonizers
Colonizer devil dylan roof being apprehended calmly by fellow colonizers after murdering 9 innocent Africans in church

This is just another example of how white people have the patience of cave beasts. Because they are. At least until they fall under the leadership of Colonized people and regain their humanity

Colonizers are extensions of the state and this case proves it further. They kill Colonized people while also committing white on white crime. This has been their legacy for hundreds of years.

The colony makes it obvious that they do not care to protect the lives of anyone within it. There is evidence that proves the crakkker gunman had notes and manifestos describing how much they hated their job after the pigs searched his bags coming back from a trip to the Philippines, where he was most likely being a sex pest, spreading disease and disturbing the people.

Jim crow joe had “promised” to take action on gun violence back in April after the mass shooting in Colorado, but that only went as far as tightening restrictions on “ghost guns” and pistol stabilizing braces. 

Both he and kopmala harris stopped short of calling for executive action, preferring instead to wait for Congress to pass it on its own, but it wouldn’t have mattered anyway since no legislation or laws will keep Colonized people safe. Only Colonized people can keep themselves safe through anticolonial organization.

Defending your community graphics from our Visual Propaganda Department
Defending your community graphics from Black Hammer’s Visual Propaganda Department

The gunman purchased his weapons legally through the proper channels so that law wouldn’t have affected him nor the nine victims he killed

It’s a serious human rights abuse that mass shootings are so common in the united snakkkes. Colonizer “leftists” should be looking inwards and reflecting on their parasitic relationship with the world and their settler colony instead of arrogantly lecturing others on “democracy” or “human rights.” 

The Colonized poor and working class people need to come together and recognize the root cause of the problems we face in our nations; white power and its Colonized servants who sellout their people for crumbs from the colonizers. 

The 9 victims killed by the colonizer who shot himself in the end
The 9 victims killed by the colonizer who shot himself in the end

In any instance including this one, white power would never stop its own people from continuing its genocide on Colonized people. The red flags were there as usual. Now it’s up to us, the Colonized, to defend ourselves at whatever cost. Join Black Hammer and be the defense your community needs today cause the violence created by the colony ain’t gonna stop anytime soon. 

Rest in power to our brave Indian sibling Taptejdeep Singh and may Abdolvahab Alaghmandan, Adrian Balleza, Jose Dejesus Hernandez III, Michael Joseph Rudometkin and Paul Delacruz Megia rest in peace.

Defending your community starts with you

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