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A Beautiful Show of Colonized Unity and Brilliance: Yuan Longping, Creator of Hybrid Rice

By Chief Jucha

On Saturday May 22nd, Chinese professor and agronomist Yuan Longping departed the earth at the age of 91. Yuan is remembered and celebrated by the people of China as well as the poor working class Colonized masses of the world as the person that helped them alleviate their own starvation by feeding them rice.

Professor Yuan cultivated the world’s first high yielding “hybrid-rice” strain—before his research, rice crops would only yield a small 300 kg per ⅕ hectare (pronounced “Hector”). His first successful cultivation in 1973 resulted in 500 kg per ⅕ hectare and yields have continuously improved over the years with a whopping output of 22.5 tonnes per hectare in 2020!

This has helped feed not only the 1.4 billion people of China but an additional 80 million of the world’s Colonized masses who are continually being pushed further and further into forced famines and genocides by white power and its crumbling empire. 80 million per year to be exact.

Chinese scientist Yuan Longping has died at the age of 91
Chinese scientist Yuan Longping has died at the age of 91

But Professor Yuan Longping’s brilliance didn’t just end there. In 2017, his team worked on developing seawater rice, or salt-alkali-tolerant rice, in Qingdao. As its name suggests, the rice was designed to grow in places where the soil was saline-alkaline (salty with a pH level of 7-14, not ideal for growing) and to survive even after being drenched in seawater. This succeeded in 2020 when one of his team’s rice breed achieved a yield of 12.04 tonnes per hectare on average in three plots of saline soil in Rudong County, setting the record for rice grown on saline soil in China.

Another trial in Dubai was also wildly successful. The Chinese agronomist understood the need to help feed the masses of Colonized people going hungry every year as colonialism continues to pillage their lands, lives, labor and resources especially in West Asia (what the colonizers call the “middle east”). “Something as small as a grain can save a country, while it can also make a country fall,” he said when interviewed by CCTV. “My life goal is to help all people stay away from hunger.”

The “father of hybrid rice” would go on to show the world what true Colonized UNITY looks like, by sharing this knowledge of rice growing to the Colonized people in the rest of Asia, Oceania, Africa as well as Pachamama (“latin america”). So far, the hybrid varieties he created have been grown in 40 countries, including Brazil, India, the Philippines, Madagascar and even in the empire of colonialism, the united snakkkes itself! Despite his old age, the agronomist still traveled to places as far as Africa to help solve technical failures and boost harvests.

Chinese People pay their respects to the late Yuan Longping, De'an County, East China, May 23rd 2021
Chinese People pay their respects to the late Yuan Longping, De’an County, East China, May 23rd 2021

Yuan’s findings and teachings ensured that Colonized nations have a way of taking their own food sources back into their own hands, and away from white power as it continues its 600-year-long genocide of Colonized peoples. While colonialism uses science to cause death and suffering, especially in the highly profitable military sector, Colonized nations like China and Cuba use science to help the people of their nations and others. They don’t charge an arm and a leg for it or seek to make bank off of it either—Yuan donated most of the rewards he earned to further fund and encourage innovation in agricultural technologies.

Of course, greed was never a proponent of Professor Yuan’s research. As a young teacher in Hunan’s countryside, he witnessed the devastation brought on by nationwide famine as a result of massive crop failures. That occurred from 1959 to 1961, but it wasn’t the first time he had witnessed such devastation either. “I saw heartbreaking scenes of people starving to death on the road before 1949,” he said, recalling the difficult years the proud Chinese nation faced, which up till then had suffered under the tyranny of western imperialism. “This was the main reason for me to stick to the hybrid rice research.”

1949 was the year China finally liberated itself from 100 years of parasitic white power. That may have happened 72 years ago, but the bleach demons will continue to lose control over their colonies and the Colonized nations of the world will soon have dictatorship over their own lives, labor land and resources. We’ve seen it time and time again with the Cuban and Iranian Revolutions and now with Venezuela and Bolivia as well and we will continue to see it in Syria and soon the entire world.

Students present flowers in front of a statue of Yuan Longping in Southwest University in southwest China's Chongqing, May 22, 2021.
Students present flowers in front of a statue of Yuan Longping in Southwest University in southwest China’s Chongqing, May 22, 2021.

Rest in power, Professor Yuan Longping. Thanks to you, the Colonized world has steadily steered off the violent course of starvation created by colonialism and because you freely shared your knowledge with us, we will continue your selfless work. The brilliance of Colonized people continues to show itself as we regain the stolen knowledge the colonizer tries (and fails) to hide from us.

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