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Deal of The Century: Iran and China Lead a New World Through Colonized Unity

By Chief Cheem

With the system of colonialism dying, Colonized nations of the world are building up their Colonized unity and creating new relationships from the ashes of the empire’s collapse. One of the most monumental deals in history has been reached as the People’s Republic of China and the Islamic Republic of Iran continue to strengthen their cooperation.

This comes as the u.s. has been trying to isolate Iran from the rest of the world for decades after the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and instead of decreasing their influence as the snakes of amerikkka once hoped, it has instead given Iran an opportunity to extend its alliances with other Colonized Nations.

The sanctions imposed by the u.s. onto Iran has proved disastrous for Iranian civilians, particularly amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, but the u.s. believes these sanctions are effective in weakening opponents… unless, of course, the nations under sanctions have a lifeline like Colonized unity.

China and Iran flags together relations textile cloth, fabric texture

Moreover, Russia isn’t letting this opportunity to break away from the parasitic economic system of colonizer nations slip from their hands either, as it will soon sign a deal with Iran on its own. This deal was reportedly on the agenda of Foreign Minister Lavrov’s visit earlier, but here we will discuss this joint deal between China and Iran, and its massive victorious significance on Colonized people worldwide.

The deal was signed on March 27th after the Alaska Summit meeting, when Chinese diplomats Wang Yi and Yang Jiechi met with amerikkkan snakes. A day before these Chinese diplomats’ departure, the united snakkkes imposed sanctions on China. 

The paper tiger that is the u.s. no longer strikes fear in the hearts of the Colonized masses of the world. They are beginning to realize more with each day  that the amerikkkan empire will soon be nothing but a memory of the past, a bloody stain in history. 

Failed attempts by “the west” (colonizer nations) to hinder the wins and cooperation of Iran, China, and Russia through terrorism—whether that’s through the manufactured East Turkistan Islamic Movement which has attacked the Chinese province of Xinjiang or the war in Syria that would eventually plague Russia—have not had the desired effects. 

These failed sabotage attempts only show the desperation of the failing u.s. colony. Pointing out a fake genocide while your own country is perpetrating an actual genocide isn’t gonna work this time amerikkka.

The deal, which has its origins in talks of partnership between Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani and China’s President Xi Jinping going back to 2016, is a historic one between two ancient civilizations that have cooperated for thousands of years (2000, to be precise, incomparable to the u.s.’s brief, blood-drenched lifespan). Let’s go over some of the details and see how these nations are planning a post-colonial world without the settler nation of amerikkka or any colonizer nations in charge. 

Deal Details: 

As we all know, no country can function without oil (yet) and China, who already imports a lot of Iranian oil, is set to import much much more of it in the upcoming years. In fact, they’ve already imported 856,0000 BPD (barrels per day) in March, which is an 129% increase from February, and they will continue importing oil from Iran at discounted rates.

But it’s not just oil. According to the joint statement made by Iran and China, both sides “shall expand cooperation and mutual investments in various areas including transportation, railway, ports, energy, industry, commerce and services.” This deal is a facet of China’s 926-km New Silk Road rail line. Mutual cooperation on ALL FRONTS, y’all!

Map of Belt and Road Initiative which takes after the ancient Silk Road
Map of Belt and Road Initiative which takes after the ancient Silk Road

We’re talking about the entire economy—investment and trade exchanges, banking, financing, mining, transportation, communications, space, manufacturing, ports, railways (high speed trains!!), agriculture, water resources, environmental protection, food security, fighting desertification, water desalination, nuclear energy, and so much more!

When they said this deal was comprehensive, they meant it. Not only does it benefit Iran and China, it also goes beyond these two ancient civilizations to incorporate the whole Western Asian region, bringing stability and economic opportunities to a host of countries in the area.

And before you ask, no, China has no interest in browbeating other nations into submission, so you know for sure it’s mutually beneficial. This is what Colonized UNITY looks like.

Fun fact: During a one week tour in the Middle East, Foreign Minister Wang Yi stated, “China supports countries in the region to stay impervious to external pressure and interference, to independently develop paths suited to regional realities” and “break free from the shadows of big-power rivalry and resolve regional conflicts and differences as masters of the region.”

A mural in Iran that depicts the nation’s struggle against us imperialism: A bald eagle portrayed hovering threateningly over Mecca and other holy Muslim sites, alluding to the amerikkka’s major role in strategically destabilizing the entire region for control and resources

If that sounds like a call to kick the colonizer out of the region and establish independence, that’s because it is.

It is no longer a secret to the rest of the world that the u.s. isn’t all it’s made up to be; China, Cuba, Mexico, and Russia all disagreed with the u.s. Human Rights Abuses Report, its C*VID-19 v*ccines harm more than they heal, and even certain euro-peon countries are no longer aligning themselves with the empire as forcefully as they once did.

Soon, the empire will disintegrate into ashes to be swept up in the dustbin of history. In fact, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, put it best when he said in February, “The post-u.s. era has started.”

At Black Hammer, we pay close attention to what makes the genocidal colonizers working in Washington sweat. The u.s. media continues to spout discouraging coverage on this deal, claiming that it will ultimately be a weak and negligible deal, but we all know that they are actually plenty concerned. 

Black Hammer supports the PRC as they extend aid and allegiances to Colonized nations around the world. Colonized nations around the world unite with China and the emergence of an inevitable new world order where the colonized working class is protected and uplifted. If you would like to help construct this world without the parasite colonizers, join Black Hammer to come together in true colonized unity!

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