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HAMAS Is Based, isn’treal Will Be Erased: Palestinian Freedom Fighters Humiliate White Power

By Black Hammer

As the 10 day battle comes to an end with a unilateral ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian resistance forces, the streets of Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, and the bordering nations of Palestine are filled with the United Arab world celebrating victory.

Palestinians were forced to leave their homes in early May only for these homes to be invaded by isn’treally (israeli) settlers. There was also brutal attacks on al-Aqsa mosque, the third holiest site in Islam on innocent Palestinians worshipping. HAMAS organization launched a counter attack on May 10th, 2021. 

The first day saw what seemed to be a futile effort by the Palestinian resistance to bomb isn’treal’s cities due to their iron dome, which intercepts 90% of incoming rockets. But within 48 hours the iron dome was exhausted.

Its efforts had to be prioritized to protect important strategic sites, and 48 hours was all it took to break through the so-called “iron dome.” The colonizer occupation force’s arrogance and adventurism cost them the battle.

isntreal's iron dome fails as bombs light up over Tel-Aviv.
isn’treal’s iron dome fails as bombs light up over Tel-Aviv.

The night of May 12th HAMAS revealed that those were their throwaway rockets, set to expire, which they just wanted to get rid of. They would also reveal their new rockets the following day deceiving the enemy into shooting down each of their 200 dollar rockets, with the cost of shooting down these $200 rockets being $40,000 dollars for isn’treal. HAMAS has effectively drained isn’treal financially, as well as depleted the capacity of the iron dome, leaving settler isntreal cities wide open for attack. 

Colonized unity, organization and brilliance will always beat colonizers.

The genius of HAMAS in outsmarting and fighting back against an enemy that had much more powerful equipment and defense capabilities has shocked the jewish colonizer occupation forces and white power as a whole. Palestinian forces were not about to let the deaths of those who’ve battled before them to be in vain.

On the night of May 12th, it was also revealed that HAMAS had acquired missiles from Hezbollah, showing the world Colonized unity between Shia and Sunni Muslims. Hasan Nasrallah, the Secretary General of Hezbollah, has said “Israel is weaker than a spider web,” and that the real battle has yet to begin.

In the following days, isn’treal began their carpet bombings on the Gaza Strip, as well as their invasion and terrorizing of Palestinian neighborhoods in the West Bank.

Fighting back against their genocide, Palestinians not only bombed occupation cities but engaged with police, faced off against kkkolonizer zionist street gangs, and rose up against the bombings of Gaza. The occupation forces lost all control of the West Bank and Gaza.

Uprisings were sprouting everywhere, even outside the borders of Palestine in Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria, with massive crowds gathering in support of the resistance. Displaced Palestinians that were refugees from neighboring countries showed their support, waving the flags of Hezbollah, Iraq, Iran, Syria, all in unity against the jewish colonizer regime.

The colonized unity of Syrians, Lebanese, Jordanians, Iraqis and Iranians against a common colonial demon.
The colonized unity of Syrians, Lebanese, Jordanians, Iraqis and Iranians against a common colonial demon.

With the iron dome becoming weaker and less accurate by the day, the resistance forces kept revealing new weapons and tactics, including a drone submarine which they had used to blow up a gas rig that colonizers were using to steal resources from Gaza on May 16th.

The resistance forces showed no indication of faltering. They continued to launch missiles and engage the police. 

The Palestinians have made up their minds for good. The colonizer bleach demons had lost all control of their colony, uprisings happening everywhere, the borders of Palestine flooded with spectators, and the settler scum losing the media war.

They have come to the conclusion that they could not win the war and that they are only equipped to fight a short term war considering that the resistance is ready to fight to the end no matter what the cost. This is the power of colonized unity. Shia and Sunni Muslims coming together to fight for Palestine. Not only have the resistance forces shown that it is possible to resist such a diabolical enemy, much greater than yourself, but that you must fight; revolution is life or death, the Palestinians had nothing, even if they did not resist they would still lose everything. Carrying nothing but their hearts, their minds were made up. They had no options left but to fight.

HAMAS, warriors of the Palestinian resistance, prepare for combat.
HAMAS, warriors of the Palestinian resistance, prepare for combat.

On May 21st, the occupation forces have announced a unilateral ceasefire, beginning at 2 AM, HAMAS, having emerged into a position of power, responded by saying, “We decide when the ceasefire happens, not the zionist regime.” With all eyes on this struggle all over the world, this was a victory for all Colonized people.

At Black Hammer Org we unite in absolution with Palestinians in their most noble and righteous war to return to their ancestral homelands and eradicate isntreal and their parasitic, colonial settler occupation of Palestinian land. We wholeheartedly recognize isntreal’s origin and everlasting function as a fictitious white-supremacist state that serves primarily as a united snakkkes military and intelligence base to the region.

We will support the Palestinian resistance struggle until Palestine is wholly free and isn’treal is erased. Colonized unity will set Palestine and all Colonized people free from the chains of colonialism!

Land back!

"Now you carry the bow of arash, instead of stones, my old comrade, my weapon belongs to you."
“Now you carry the bow of Arash, instead of stones, my old comrade, my weapon belongs to you.”

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