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Colonial Pipeline Co. Hacked, Pays $5 Million Ransom As Fuel Shortages Hit amerikkka

By Chief Cheem

Colonial Pipeline Company, a pipeline operator founded in 1962 which transports “more than 100 million gallons of gasoline and other fuel daily from Houston to the New York Harbor”, has been hit with a ransomware attack from hackers. This 5,500-mile-long pipeline also provides the East Coast with 45% of its fuel. 

It’s a similar type of attack that nearly poisoned Florida’s drinking water system in February, and how it works is the hackers scour the organization’s computer system for a weakness—and that can be anything from a vulnerability in an old operating system to a phishing email opened by an unsuspecting employee—but from there on out a piece of malicious code is then injected into the system which messes around with anything the hacker wants to target. In Florida’s case it was modifying the chemical levels in the water and in Colonial Pipeline’s case it shuts off certain pipelines from delivering oil to where it’s meant to go. 

The 5,500 mile long pipeline which could burst and cause ecological destruction at any moment
The 5,500 mile long pipeline which could burst and cause ecological destruction at any moment

Go ahead and take note of the company’s name as well folks, we’re not lying to you when we say all the problems the Colonized face are from colonialism and this company’s name don’t be cappin. 

All the gasoline transported is refined from the stolen crude oil that amerikkka loots from West Asia (the “middle east”) of course, with much help from its colony isn’treal (israel). 

The hacker group, which has been identified as DarkSide after revealing themselves to be the attackers, has demanded that Colonial Pipeline pay $5 Million to the group. 

At first these colonizer clowns refused to pay the ransom but gave in only after realizing that from the get-go, they lost this battle since they were losing more money waiting around trying to fix the hack rather than just paying the ransom.

Crumbling Empires Fall Hard

Gasoline station in Charlottesville, Virginia out of gas
Gasoline station in Charlottesville, Virginia out of gas

The fact that cybersecurity is so weak and easy to attack by hackers goes to show how greedy these colonial companies are with their money, not even investing in their own defenses in order to hoard as much money as possible. 

Colonial Pipeline Co. customers are even going so far as to sue the company for breaches in contracts made with the company that guarantee a certain amount of oil to be transported, proving further the cannibalism that capitalism will engage in as it will even pin colonizers against each other—as was shown in World Wars I and II, simply white on white crime to see who would be the empire to reign supreme. Capitalism, like it was intended from the very beginning, is simply eating itself.

All of this has just further pushed the united snakes into complete collapse as gas prices skyrocket and gas shortages plague not just the Colonized people in amerikkka but the white whipping class as well.

Pathetic attempts by jim crow joe to calm the white whipping class from panic buying and stop price gouging were of course useless to the frenzied colonizers. 

Jim Crow joe
Jim Crow joe

The shortage and panic buying left around 1,800 gas stations without fuel. The “wealthiest country” in the world can’t even provide stolen resources to its population which speaks to just how fast the empire is crumbling.

We’ve seen this happen before during the snowstorm of Texas in January. The privately-owned energy companies there did not want to upgrade their energy grids or even modernize their equipment so when a freak snowstorm hit, they were unprepared to deal with the complications that arose out of such unusual circumstances. Unfortunately, due to these companies’ greed, many Texans died wholly preventable deaths trying to keep themselves warm.

What is to be done?

We need to stop relying on these colonizers who only care about looting Colonized nations for their resources and making profits at whatever the cost. It’s finally time for the Colonized masses of the world to rise up and build for themselves, to take back what is theirs; their lives, land, labor and resources that have been ripped away from them by the colonizers and neocolonial sellouts in their nations. 

It’s high time to destroy the colony and build the future. That future is Hammer City and Black Hammer is creating a world where no one will live at the expense of another. Oh and we’ll have plenty of resources to go around since the world will no longer prioritize “profits” over lives. Join us and take part in the construction of this world so that we can prepare for the fall of the empire that is dying right before our very eyes.

Land Back!

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You can also submit your work to us, and as long as it unites with our 4 Principles of Unity, you will see your writing published on all of our platforms.

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  1. The colonial system is so discussing and hates our greatest and longest comrade of all, Mother Earth. Colonialism truly destroys on all levels !


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