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From The River to the Sea, Colonized Unity Will Set Palestine Free!

By BHT Staff

The ongoing genocide of Palestinians and the recent attacks from devil colonizer jews have been seen around the world and the Colonized masses of the world are standing in unity with their fellow Colonized siblings in Palestine. 

There are currently over 130 countries that recognize Palestine as a sovereign state, which just goes to show how isn’treal is finally being seen for the illegal settler-colony that it is by more than just the Palestinians themselves, but by other Colonized nations who are struggling against the evils of colonialism as well. 

isn’treal has been ramping up its genocide against the Indigenous Palestinian people of the land as they continue to launch airstrikes, killing children, mothers and fathers alike; backed of course by their father colony, amerikkka who continues to send its stolen resources to isn’treal so that they can continue to pillage, loot and steal everything they can from the land.

All of this violence doesn’t come without consequence as the Colonized masses continue to rise up and realize their leadership as the true agents of change. 

Protests in unity with the Palestinian struggle against colonialism have erupted in Africa—from Morocco and Kenya all the way down south of the continent in Azania (South Africa), this beautiful showing of Colonized unity only speaks to how our struggles as a Colonized people all over the world are connected in every shape, way and form. Both Cape Town and Nairobi have been showing this unity with threats of being locked up despite protesting peacefully.

“It reminds us of the brutality of police …of the apartheid system that we used to have,” said 56-year-old Kashiefa Achmat from Azania (South Africa). Apartheid only ended in 1992 in the country so the injustice is still fresh in many people’s minds, and even though it’s offically over, the minority white colonizers still own most of Azania’s land and resources. One Palestinian protest method called BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) was inspired by the boycotts of South African products which brought down the Apartheid regime.

Those in West Asia (the “middle east”) have of course shown their unity with their Palestinian Siblings with protests in Karachi, Pakistan taking place as protestors burned the amerikkkan and isn’treally flag. Iran, an ally to anticolonial movements worldwide, has been standing for the cause since 1979 and this year was no exception. Hezbollah in Lebanon, too, has a long history of supporting Palestine.

All of these protests around the world prove the fact that Colonized unity is our sharpest and perhaps most important weapon against colonialism as more and more people recognize the common oppressor we all face; white power and its sellouts that allow for the suffering in our Colonized nations to continue. 

Palestinian refugees at Mar Elias camp in Beirut, Lebanon showing out

We must channel this rage into organizing against the oppressor, to build a world where no one lives at the expense of another; a world that the Colonized masses are beginning to crave more each day. 

If you would like to take part in the construction of this world, unite with your Palestinian siblings instead of “standing in solidarity” with them, to take part in the destruction of colonial states like isn’treal, amerikkka and all other colonizer nations that continue their legacy of genocide and savagery, join us and be the change the world and your community needs. Continue the legacy of your ancestors in the fight against colonialism to claim what is rightfully yours!

Land Back!

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