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Consciousness Is Autonomy (A Poem)

By Comrade Ifit

Shooting for sovereignty without reciprocity
Cutting through concrete monstrosity  
Enlighten you through burning the colony
Disrupting their settler philosophy 
Through dedication to native pedagogy 
Reconnecting to my pagan mythology
They call that epistemology
Because growing consciousness is growing autonomy

To be native in the twenty-first century 
Is to be supported by only your memories
Because in this cultural penitentiary that is all we can hold
And so we attempt to reclaim the songs of old
The wealth of our land was not found in their gold
And that they believe our Pāpā can be sold
It is the clearest sign of spiritual poverty 
The words “private property” meet my ears with great animosity 
And itʻs lost on me, how lost these “discoverers” are
Though they have GPS in their gas guzzling police cars
We were guided by the morning star and look where we are now
And now after years of genocide and colonization 
They call us to take pride in “their nation”
Keep your white power, this is my hour
Weʻre burning it all down. 

So let me introduce myself
I am indigenous, I be transcending
My people undying, 7 generations of unending
I am my ancestors, the body count they’re bending
And they’re pretending that they can escape us
We’re the ones that have hope
I am coming for what kuʻu taotaomo’na were denied 
I require that the soil of my soul be purified 
My waters untouched My relations alive
And the land that you’ve occupied for the past half a second
You are giving it back, back to the heavens
And if you don’t learn your lesson, we’re coming with weapons
We will bludgeon you to death with our spirit hard as stone
We will whip you like ʻaʻaliʻi until you atone
You brought spiritual petulance, your pseudo benevolence really malevolence 
And if you cannot answer to that, we’re painting you red

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