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Colonizers Destroyed Their Water And Now They’re Destroying Ours

By Chief Akata

Water is the basis of life. It covers the majority of our planet on the surface as well as under our feet. It falls from the sky. It grows our food. It helps keep us clean and healthy. So why is there such a disrespect for its existence and abundance? To kill off Colonized people.

The colony has even seen fit to put restrictions on harvesting the rainwater during a water crisis! Colorado and Utah are two states so far with the strictest regulations on harvesting rainwater in the middle of what will soon become a global climate catastrophe, which has caused the entire Western region of the u.s. to ignite in flames. They’re doing this even though the country has been moving towards a megadrought since the year 2000, but they are not the only ones facing this climate collapse. Nor are those the only issues. As we have seen in Flint, Michigan, Colonized communities are afflicted with far more insidious contradictions—such as contaminated water.

Beyond contaminated water in Flint, Michigan
Beyond contaminated water in Flint, Michigan

The water that we drink, grow our food with, cook our food with, brush our teeth with, wash our face with, wash our hair with, bathe ourselves with—everything you could possibly think of—is contaminated. In 1986, the Cuyahoga River that runs into Lake Erie caught on fire. This wasn’t even the first time. The tributaries of Lake Erie have been on fire so often, the very reporting on it was as lazy as the very existence of colonizers. It was yet another example of the colony creating a problem to usher in a worser solution. What was behind the poisoning of the Earth’s beautiful waters? The history of the slavery of Earth’s beautiful yet Colonized people. The system of colonialism which disrupted the harmonious relationships we Colonized people had with the land.

Cleveland became a manufacturing hub during the Civil War. So while the colony fought amongst itself over who could steal the most from Colonized people, it was working over time to contaminate the most precious comrade we have—Mother Earth. It allowed industrial companies to dump their waste and sewage into our pristine waters. Just imagine how many lives were harmed, from the people dependent on the river for their source of drinking water to the plants that resided in the rivers, all affected or snuffed out by greedy bleach demons and their waste. Colonizers just can’t keep their sh*t to themselves. But actions to stop this environmental devastation only happen when their fellow colonizers are affected.

If you’re paying attention, there is a pattern forming. In 1966, a town called Woburn, MA, started seeing a spike in leukemia cases in children and it was discovered that chemical plants and corporations were dumping their toxic waste right by the water we drink. They settled. Can you guess what the common denominator is? Blatant genocidal tendencies of an illegal colonizer nation hellbent on destruction.

Woburn Massachusetts waste which caused huge spikes in Leukemia in the area
Woburn Massachusetts waste which caused huge spikes in Leukemia in the area

But the state doesn’t care about the resources it contaminates because it uses that to commit genocide against Colonized people. The only time anything gets addressed is when white communities start complaining despite Colonized people being the canaries of the coalmine—that coal mine being all of Turtle Island and the canaries (birds used to test carbon monoxide) that test the toxins, us Colonized people.

Flint, Michigan is still suffering from contaminated water. Even the past colonizer in chief of these illegal settler states has gaslit people having to watch their babies get sick from drinking the contaminated water available to them while killing 12 others with Legionnaires’ disease. The colonial courts dictating how Colonized people are to live our lives are worse than any “dictator” we are conditioned to view as dangerous and have “let” the residents of Flint go after the creators of policies that these same courts uphold against us. This has been going on for over 7 years and more contradictions are being noticed by more and more Colonized communities. Missouri is now being made aware of its own water crisis. Residents are being infected by a parasite called H. pylori which can be transmitted through feces. Thing is, the water gets treated by both chlorine and UV light. And yet people are still getting this parasite found in feces.

Statistics on the deadly effects of chemicals the colony dumps right into our backyard
Statistics on the deadly effects of chemicals the colony dumps right into our backyard

Over the span of decades, the government of the united snakes has tested water sources near their military bases in at least 34 states for water contamination. In each lawsuit, it states two chemical compounds that have been routinely found in the ground water and rivers, perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) known as perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS). These have been found in some household items that the colony made as a  convenience for the colonizers; nonstick cookware, stain-resistant carpet and furniture, food packaging, water-repellant sprays for fabrics. But the one that is a complete slap in the face is the fire-fighter foam used as fire-repellant when there are Indigenous practices that have been used for centuries before colonization that have kept areas prone to fires healthy and manageable.

The Indigenous communities of Turtle Island have been silenced and disregarded for centuries and when they stood their ground to protect their resources, the state sent in tanks. How is that alright? To protect oil that has a documented history of contaminating water sources? It’s not, but the purpose of the illegal amerikkkan government is to steal lands and kill off the inhabitants protecting it and it showed its ass by sending tanks and using deadly force on people protecting something as sacred as the basis of all life. But genocidal colonies don’t care as Standing Rock bravely exposed. That is why we call colonizers viruses and parasites. When their actions start affecting their fellow white people, it will be too late for all of us. If you’ve had enough of the state ignoring you while killing you, poisoning your basic necessities for life, join Black Hammer to unite with our communities in overturning colonialism and all it has forced on us.

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