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Thinking About Suing Pfizer for Their Killer V*ccines? You Might Get Invaded!

By Black Hammer

Pfizer, one of the biggest  v*ccinators has threatened to occupy Pachamama (“Latin America“). Yes, really!

According to the u.k. Bureau of Investigative Journalism, Pfizer has asked some governments to “put up sovereign assets, such as embassy buildings and military bases as a guarantee against the cost of any future legal cases.” That means if you live in those countries and decide to sue them, they can literally invade you in the same way the united snakkkes invaded Iraq (and Syria and Libya and Afghanistan etc.) and they won’t pretend it’s for democracy either.

Here’s how it started:

During negotiations with Argentina—one of the countries involved—Pfizer asked to be “indemnified against the cost of any future claims.” Translation: our v*ccine sucks and we know it, you’re gonna sue us for it. Congress passed a new law in October that basically said, yep, okay, whatever you want. You’d think Pfizer would be happy with that but nope, they wanted more, much more. These greedy colonizers didn’t want to be liable for “any acts of negligence or malice.”

At first, the Argentinean government offered to rewrite the bits of legislation that offended the company. But even that wasn’t enough. The colonizers then asked Argentina to take out international insurance for the whole legal action thing, which is apparently normal since many countries did this during amerikkka’s H1N1 outbreak, AKA 2009’s swine flu. The government said yes. But even that wasn’t enough for these money-worshiping colonizers!

In late December, Pfizer requested Argentina to put up its federal bank reserves, embassy buildings and military bases as collateral. Oh yes, stealing Indigenous lands, every colonizer’s wet dream…fortunately, the government said hell no and are now negotiating with other v*ccine providers. Brazil, another country Pfizer tried to do this with, also rejected this looting of resources by the colonizer’s standards.

Brazil faces a horrendous colonialv*rus crisis that has now taken the lives of over 400,000 Brazilians, no-thanks to the sellout bol$anaro
Brazil faces a horrendous colonialv*rus crisis that has now taken the lives of over 400,000 Brazilians, no-thanks to the sellout bol$anaro

This isn’t the first (or second) time the company has done this to Colonized nations. Not too long ago, they asked Azania (South Africa) to do the same thing before eventually backing down, much to their government’s relief. Azania is currently drowning in colonialv*rus cases because the v*ccines they bought from another crakkker company, AstraZeneca, are completely useless against the new variants. So useless, in fact, that their government doesn’t even want them anymore. That won’t stop Pfizer and other crakkker companies from pulling this sh*t again though.

But this is how the united snakkkes and colonizers have always moved.

In 1911, colonizer sam zemurray launched a coup to remove the sitting president of Honduras so his company, the Cuyamel Fruit kkkompany, could rob it blind. The political instability and crushing national debt that followed essentially made slaves out of the Hondurans on their own land, while amerikkkan fruit companies owned all of the country’s infrastructure. That’s how the term banana republic (a politically unstable country whose economy depends on exporting a limited-resource product) came about by the way and like the bloodthirsty colonizers they are, the united snakkkes tried it again in Guatemala 43 years later.

In the 1800s, the british empire forced the weak and corrupt sellout Qing dynasty of China to buy its opium via two imperialist wars. The opium was actually grown in India by poor peasants who had no choice in the matter—it was either grow what the colonizers tell you to grow or starve to death. This murderous policy eventually led to the Great Famine of 1876-1878 and again in the Bengal Famine of 1943.

Let’s not forget the East India Company. There’s two of them, in fact—the Dutch one and the British one and together, these disease-spreading cave beasts looted, pillaged and colonized vast areas of Indigenous land from Africa to the Americas to almost all of Asia, all in the name of white power. Pfizer is just working from the same colonizer playbook.

Pfizer continues its years of exploitation and experimentation on colonized bodies

But it’s not just that.

Recently, Pfizer’s CFO (Chief Financial Officer) was caught saying, “As this shifts from p*ndemic to endemic, we think there’s an opportunity here for us.” That basically means that as C*vid-19 continues to spread with no end in sight; they can offer as many booster shots or top ups as they’d like and make bank on it. Yep. These mummy-munching savages will happily keep this virus around just for the greenbacks. Our lives mean nothing to them.

But wait, it gets worse.

India, who was supposed to be the “world’s pharmacy” can’t even save itself as Biden refuses to supply them with materials on the grounds of patent protection. These patents somehow belong to big pharma even though it cost taxpayers millions of dollars to fund this research. Meanwhile, China offered to send resources in a show of Colonized unity. Now Biden’s backtracking, but only because he wants India’s help in colonizing Afghanistan. Yes, the same Afghanistan they were supposed to withdraw troops from two presidents ago.

We can’t live with these parasites. They’ve shown us time and time again that they’ll take every last thing we have if they think they’ll get away with it. Even the bones of our ancestors. That’s why we must build dual-contending power, here and now. Because if we don’t, colonizer companies like Pfizer will continue to loot our land while our people continue to be murdered in the streets, forced into concentration camps or killed just by drinking contaminated tap water.

We must act now, and Black Hammer is already on the ground in Brazil handing out free PPE, and organizing the poor and working class Colonized masses of Brazil against the colonialv*rus. We will be victorious in the struggle for anticolonial revolution; the only solution to free all Colonized people and create a world where no one lives at the expense of another. 

Help us build that power and JOIN Black Hammer!

Land back!

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