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Ohio Governor Announces $1 Million Dollar Lottery As People Avoid Killer Jabs

By Black Hammer

Ohio’s Republican governor mike deWine just announced that his state will use federal funds to create a $5 million state lottery, but here’s the catch—it’s only open to those who’ve been v*ccinated. Here’s how the bribe is going down:

Any adult (18+) living in Ohio who has been v*ccinated with at least one dose will be eligible to enter the draw, with a lucky winner winning $1 million each week (five winners in total). Names will be taken from the Ohio Secretary of State’s voter registration database but those whose names do not appear on this database can sign up at a website created for this lottery. The first draw will start on May 26.

Not an adult yet? Worry not! V*ccinated children are also in the draw to win prizes such as full four-year scholarships to any Ohio state university. That’s interesting because deWine just said that the state would begin inoculating children aged 12 to 15 with the Pfizer/BioNTech v*ccine on Thursday. This v*ccine had only been available to persons 16 years and over.

It’s an interesting tactic to get millions of Ohio’s residents v*ccinated, that’s for sure, but even bribing people to use Pfizer’s shady v*ccine isn’t going to save this settler-colony called the united snakes from massive C*VID deaths.

First of all, Pfizer has a history of making drugs with extremely lethal side effects and have been sued multiple times over the decades because of it. For example, their drug Depo-Testosterone has caused strokes, blood clots, and heart attacks in 600,000 people. Considering that Depo-Testosterone is used to treat conditions associated with a lack of hormones in men and boys, such as delayed puberty, it is disgusting that a hormone that’s supposed to help you grow can potentially kill you. They certainly weren’t in the business to keep you alive then, so why trust a company with such a murderous history with your life now?

Speaking of blood clots, these v*ccines have it by the bucket-load. It’s not just Pfizer this time, but Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson as well. If you Google “C*VID v*ccine blood clots” you will find headline after headline about this supposedly “rare” side effect that keeps happening and happening and happening, country after country, not to speak of other potentially deadlier side effects. We at Black Hammer are not anti-vaxxers, but we’ve seen enough of our Colonized people die from unsafe medicines made by the west to take anything they say at face value.

A crumbling economy needs the boost of mass manufacturing v*ccines and making sure profits are made in the process

Lastly, it’s surely a sign of a breakdown of trust when a government has to bribe their constituents to take a potentially unsafe v*ccine because so many are unwilling to trust the science. And who can blame them? Big pharmaceutical companies and “western” governments themselves have perverted the name of science to profit off our deaths and misery, starting with the eugenics movement in the early 20th century. Why should Colonized people worldwide trust the so-called “scientists” who have been massacring them for centuries in the name of “science?”

Colonized people have seen what happened to ancient civilizations that accepted such bribes from dirty colonizers and it has always ended in death and misery. From shiny trinkets given to tribal leaders to the promise of money for neocolonial sellouts, colonizers only care about what they can take from the poor and working class Colonized masses and if it requires tricking the greedy into selling out themselves and their own people, then so be it.

But make no mistake—you have more of a chance of contracting C*VID than you do of winning this lottery. Especially the new mutations, which most current v*ccines are powerless against. The best way to protect yourself and your community is to join Black Hammer! We take prevention very seriously, having passed out over a quarter million KN95 masks (not ineffective cloth masks), even more pieces of PPE (like sanitizer, gloves, surgical masks) and we’re here to build a dual-contending power so Colonized people worldwide can liberate themselves once this empire falls.

Join our Science and Technology Committee!

If you have a background in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) or love working in the technical field, join Sci-tech! You don’t need no fancy degree from a colonial institution to join; we know we can’t trust crusty colonizers to take care of us so let’s use our own revolutionary science to further the liberation of Colonized masses instead of building weapons of death and suffering for the colony!

Land Back!

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