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Que Viva Colombia: Sellout ivan duque MURDERS Innocent Protestors

By Chief Cheem

The uprisings in Colombia in protest against the sellout government of ivan dookie have only amplified since they began on April 28th. While the peaceful protests began with anger over tax “reforms”, which were to increase prices and taxes on individuals and small businesses, there have been over 30-40 people murdered by state pigs with even more being affected by the pig violence—1,956 cases of pig violence to be exact, though all these numbers are likely to be much higher as with any statistics on Colonized people’s lives being lost. 

These pigs are actually trained by their white power sugar daddy, none other than the united snakkkes. Drafted in 1999 by bill kkklinton and his cronies, Plan Colombia was launched in 2001 by younger bush and outlined programs that would funnel more than 850 million dollars to military efforts to counter the “drug cartels” and eliminating left-wing insurgency. While the money was divided between various destinations such as the pig force, the air force, ground military force, and teams to destroy 1 million hectares (2.5 million acres) of whatever land was suspected of growing and distributing drugs. The true purpose of this proposal was the massacring of land, Colombian ecological life, and genocide of “left-wing insurgents.” Over 3 billion dollars collectively was spent on this bolstering of the Colombian right-wing pig force. We at Black Hammer are again sickened but utterly not surprised by the fact that amerikkka has been funding and training militias overseas for uprisings like the one happening right now in Colombia.

Statistics on amerikkka funding over 9 billion to Colombia's right-wing military which has resulted the brutal massacring of over 12,000 political activists and 6,000 civilians.
Statistics on amerikkka sending over 9 billion to Colombia’s right-wing military which has resulted in the brutal massacring of over 12,000 political activists and 6,000 civilians.

Pigs have fired live rounds on protestors, showing the bloodthirsty nature of these sellout governments in making sure the Colonized masses fear whatever neocolonial sellout-dictator is installed to steal the resources, labor, land and lives of that land so that colonizer nations can continue their parasitic relationship with us Colonized people. 

Just today, Wednesday May 12th, political activist Lucas Villa, 37, was declared dead a week after being shot 8 times at a peaceful protest. Protestors are righteously outraged and demands have only grown.

Vicious attacks from pigs occurring in Colombia

As more than 800 having been injured and 550 missing—of course this number is likely much higher—the people of Colombia are no longer protesting the tax reforms but the outright murder and repression they faced when peacefully hitting the streets. With nothing to lose, demands by the Colonized people of Colombia have since grown: the people of Colombia are now holding their government accountable for the inhumane conditions they’re forced to live in; a for-profit healthcare system on the verge of collapse due to the pandemic, extreme wealth inequality, poverty and outright murder in the country. As injuries, deaths, misery and disappearances mount, the will of the Colombian people is growing more and more as they channel their rage and protest with no indication of stopping anytime soon. This government and its sellout leader have pushed the Colombian people to a point where the fruit of revolution is ripe. 

On the causes for these protests, one was financial reforms that would add a value added tax (VAT) to all common goods. The people were quick to realize that these reforms would disproportionately affect the poor and middle class of Colombia. The past year of pandemic chaos has caused the unemployment rates in Colombia to nearly double from 8% to 16%, and of course the poor working Colonized masses have been hit the hardest. 

This uprising can also be attributed to these many past months of economic suffering caused by the pandemic and government mismanagement. One must also consider the events of the past year, when over 300 political activists were murdered throughout 2020 with no action taken by the government. The Colombian people will have their demands met. What are these demands? At the beginning of the protests, the focal issue was the tax raise, but the proposal has since been scrapped, with the economic minister in charge fired. Now, the demands are shifted as they condemn the disgusting police brutality that has occurred and holding the government accountable to genocide they’ve continued in white power’s name.

The youth has high participation in these protests, carrying out the struggle shared by their ancestors before them.
The youth has high participation in these protests, carrying out the struggle shared by their ancestors before them.

Pigs and their brutality are a colonial evil that is a feature of any neocolonial sellout government across the world. Starting out as slave-catching patrols in the early years of amerikkka’s bloody colonization of Turtle Island, white power’s defense comes from every police force acting in every country. With more than 660 arrests, 550 disappearances, 30+ murders and hundreds of injuries, the Colombian people are suffering from this state-imposed violence. These demands for accountability have been so far met with silence. 

This state violence and misery have been occurring for decades, intensifying with united snakkkes economic aid to these right-wing paramilitary death squads. Guerrilla fighters and the Colonized poor working class have long histories with battling these ruthless neocolonial white power lackeys and we will unite with their struggle against these sellout pigs in office.

When Colonized people are subjugated by the colonizer few, they will rise and vanquish their oppressor.
When Colonized people are subjugated by the colonizer few, they will rise and vanquish their oppressor.

Black Hammer stands with the Colonized working class people of Colombia and the rest of the world in their struggles against the many faces of white power. We stand with all Colonized people as they battle to secure their lives, labor, land and resources from the sellouts and colonizers in their nations. The current Colombian sellout administration has proved its hatred against and incapacity of providing for its people, having allowed white power to run rampant, leading to a huge loss of life. Death to this barbarous sellout regime, and may the working class Colombian people be uplifted in their fight. 

If you are looking to build a world where no one lives at the expense of another, to finally build for yourself and for your people, join Black Hammer to build a dual contending power against these genocidal governments and colonizer nations that continue their legacy of rape, pillage and looting.

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