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Devil Colonizer Jews Continue Palestinian Genocide and Terrorism

By Chief Cheem

Hundreds of Palestinians, including children, have been wounded by multiple attacks on the Al-Aqsa Mosque—the third most holiest site in Islam—caused by isn’treal’s (israel) state violence and continued genocide. isn’t real pigs fired rubber-coated bullets, used chemical warfare by using tear gas (a weapon banned in war) and used bombs to terrorize innocent Muslims worshiping for three nights in a row. 

isn’treal has been steadily ramping up its ethnic cleansing of Palestinians these past couple months as the bleach demon colonizer jews scream for genocide proudly and with a racism paralleled by its father colony, amerikkka. Even the colonizer nations that make up the united nations are recognizing these human rights violations for what they are; but with a bias towards white power and its boot licking, they’ve called it a “possible war crime”.

Two Palestinians consoling each other after the horrid crimes committed against them


It’s not “possibly a war crime,” you idiots. It is a war crime. Colonial media would never call it what it is.

What makes this even more insulting is that all this happened during the holy month of Ramadan, where Muslims all over the world fast from sun-up to sundown in order to purify oneself both spiritually and physically. It would be like if a bunch of soldiers went to your synagogue during, say, yom kippur and started shooting at you while you were praying.

This comes after weeks of protests by Palestinians in attempts to block isn’t real from evicting and displacing dozens of Palestinians in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah—of course with the purpose of taking these homes and giving them to filthy colonizer jews. The raids took place right before these genocidal crackkker jews were about to march into East Jerusalem to mark the 1967 colonization of the West Bank and Gaza. April 22nd saw more white devil jews in a show of hatred march through Old City, Jerusalem while chanting “Death to Arabs” and “May your village burn.” The foreign ministry of isn’treal even had the gall to call this obvious act of colonization and genocide a “real-estate dispute!”

Viral video of a disgusting and vile colonizer trying to steal the house of Palestinians

Remember kristallnacht? The night when colonizer nazi-germans smashed and robbed all jewish homes and businesses and then gave it to their looting, genocidal colonizing selves? That’s exactly what’s been going on here, except with Palestinian mosques instead of jewish synagogues and Palestinian villages instead of jewish ones. This is Palestine’s kristallnacht. It’s disgusting how the victims have become the perpetrators in someone else’s land…but unsurprising due to the parasitic nature and relationship euro-peons have with Colonized people under colonialism.

There have been a reported 305 Palestinians wounded, with 228 having been hospitalized, seven in critical condition, and without a doubt even more wounded. The brutality doesn’t stop there however, with reports of medical personnel being prevented from assisting those injured from the attacks. As an eyewitness tells it,

Palestinians fleeing colonial violence from white settler Jews

We were praying in the mosque. Suddenly, the soldiers vacated the mosque without any alert. They started to shoot their bombs. And there are many, dozens of injured, dozens of people who were injured from the bombs here and bullets. It’s amazing. This is a praying place, not for a fight.

Democracy Now

Our Palestinian siblings have been facing genocide and state violence from the colonial regime of isn’treal that preaches apartheid, death and misery ever since it was decided this colony was to be built 73 years ago, barely three years after WWII was over—with its placement a convenient location to help united snakkkes imperialism and colonialism in the area, serving as a military base for the filthy colonizers. Now I ain’t saying it’s about the oil, but it’s not not about looting the resources (including oil) and land either…

Let’s not forget that this is the same country that discriminates against Ethiopian Jewish citizens just for being African and one that denied Ugandan Jews from migrating to live there at all. At one point they were even concerned about Soviet jews coming into their beloved “homeland” (even though at first they encouraged such immigration) and they’re just as white as any other colonizer!

Murderous air strikes ordered on Palestinians
Murderous air strikes ordered on Palestinians

Oh, and who can forget the constant bombing of Gaza, the most recent example happening just yesterday? One man, Mohammed Nusair, lost his life due to the air strikes ordered in Gaza. He waited 9 months to see the birth of his child who was born hours after his death. He was among the 20+ victims—including children, yet again—affected by the air strikes. 

If none of this screams genocide, I don’t know what to tell you.

Every year, the fictional state of isn’treal is gifted $3.8 billion by amerikkka in order to continue its genocidal rule and segregation. Black Hammer has always exposed the sickening crimes committed by illegal settler colonzier nations and sellout governments alike, knowing that the only solution to the genocide of all Colonized people around the world is building dual contending power against them and uniting the Colonized masses of the world against their common enemy. Our Colonized unity is our greatest weapon against the dying beast of colonialism.

Palestinian father and son protesting at the borders between Gaza strip and Israel
Palestinian father and son protesting at the borders between Gaza strip and Isn’treal

The colonial-apartheid regime of isn’treal will get what it deserves as the Colonzied masses of the world grow tired of having their lives, labor, land and resources stolen from them. Whether that’s Palestinians currently fighting against the filthy colonizer jews over the simple right to live or the Indigenous people of Brazil plagued with state violence in the form of drug raids, the Colonized masses will once again have dictatorship over all that is theirs. 

If you would like to end this genocide against Colonized people and expose these crimes, join Black Hammer today and be part of the 600 year resistance against the colonizers that your ancestors have fought so bravely and ferociously. Help build a world where no one lives at the expense of another and where Palestinians finally get their land back, are no longer murdered, terrorized and segregated but thriving in a sovereign nation that is rightfully theirs.

Land Back!

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