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Grandfather (A Poem)

By Black Hammer

Was sent to a prisoner of war camp
Run by the british
Because they suspected he was a Communist
In World War II

Nobody ever talks about that
Because Japan’s war crimes
Were so atrocious
And so well known
In World War II

The son of immigrants
Or grandson, I’m not really sure
Who escaped the turmoil
Of the old country
Before World War II

They labored under the harsh Malayan sun
On a plantation as rubber tappers
For the empire
Before World War II

But he wasn’t a Communist
Barely a Nationalist
Because he couldn’t afford to pay the fees
The Nationalists were asking for
New China’s freedom
During World War II


He was sent to a prisoner of war camp
Run by the british
Because they suspected he was a Communist
The enemy
In World War II

It’s now 2021 and grandfather is no longer
Much has changed, much more has not
Join Black Hammer to smash the evils of empire
Unite with the Colonized masses
So we don’t have to go through this again
In World War III

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