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Pigs In Brazil Massacre Over 25 People To Benefit White Power

Heavily armed pigs have murdered 28 people in Rio de Janeiro’s largest favela, Jacarezinho—one of the city’s largest Colonized communities in what was a “supposed” anti-narcotics raid. This came despite the Brazilian Supreme Court’s orders prohibiting such raids during the pandemic, but as we know all too well, the state apparatus loves nothing more than to destroy the lives of Colonized people because this isn’t the first time they’ve raided favelas and murdered their inhabitants. Residents have seen grenades exploding as well as corpses lying in corridors, multiple bullet holes in doors and blood-soaked mattresses in the hallways.

White power continues its genocide on the Colonized masses living in the favelas of Rio de Janiero with an estimated 800 people having been murdered by pig raids (though this estimate is definitely much higher), with pigs even killing a 14-year-old child last year who was caught in the midst of state violence—a violence forced upon all Colonized people of Brazil by its puppet u.s. owned government, ran by the sellout dictator jair bolsonaro. 

As historical materialists (fancy term meaning we be analyzing history scientifically), we recognize the drug war and attempts to stop drug trafficking as a war on Colonized people, meant to criminalize us as we suffer the most from state violence and from having our money used to fund these murderous campaigns of genocide against us. 

As a matter of fact, the united snakkkes is the largest drug trafficker in the world, hoarding opium in Afghanistan and funneling crack into its segregated Colonized communities—this funneling of crack and other drugs being part of amerikkka’s COINTELPRO tactics to stop the African Liberation Movement of the 60s—in order to secure and continue its role as the largest and most bloodthirsty empire in history.

There is no market that goes untouched by amerikkka. Not even grotesque human-trafficking pedophilia markets. 

While raids like this are common in Brazil’s many favelas, this is the most barbaric and deadliest and surprise, surprise—the state-owned sellout Brazilian media has applauded the operation. It’s worth pointing out that many Afro-Brazilians live in favelas. Brazil, as with all illegal colonial-settler states, has a history of treating its African and Indigenous citizens poorly. They are much more likely to be impoverished and killed by the state than the minority white whipping class.

Like any pig with an excuse, these pigs will claim that they were sent in to put an end to drug trafficking. We’re already seeing news reports stating criminal organizations in that favela have been using children as mules, but the truth of the matter is innocent residents were the ones massacred by the pigs. One resident told of seeing a man shot in his own daughter’s room! Another resident documented the gruesome murders by pigs: 

One resident posted a photo of his blood-covered floor and said two people had died in his house as police chased the criminals. The man, who did not want to give his name, said he would try to move out of the area as soon as possible

BBC News

The justice department is currently investigating whether the operation was too heavy-handed or not—make no mistake, no matter the outcome of this so-called investigation, nothing will fundamentally change, just like nothing changed whatsoever after derekkk chauvin’s guilty verdict. Poor and Colonized working class people will still be the most affected by state repression and our blood will still line the streets until we unite with each other and organize a dual contending power to rival sellout and illegal colonizer governments (which are already crumbling)

This dual-contending power will allow all Colonized people to take back their lives, labor, land and resources, stolen from us by sellouts governments and colonizers—allowing us to build a world where nobody lives at the expense of another. Defend your community against state violence, learn about the core contradiction that we as Colonized people face and end this senseless state violence by joining Black Hammer! 

Our Brazilian chapter is already doing the work of serving the masses and organizing them against the sellout government but they need your support and more helping hands! Donate to our siblings in Pachamama through Cashapp at $BHOInternational and help the Colonized poor and working class communities build self determination!

Use your writing talents to further the Liberation of all Colonized People by joining Black Hammer Times today! We are looking for journalists, reporters, poets, and more, so do not worry; there is a spot on our team for you. We are also looking for donations to solve the water crisis in amerikkka which continues to take the lives of innocents to this day. Donate here to our Science and Technology Committee so that we can provide clean water to Colonized communities worldwide!

You can also submit your work to us, and as long as it unites with our 4 Principles of Unity, you will see your writing published on all of our platforms.

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