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A History Lesson For The Parasites: Your Empire is Coming To An End

By Black Hammer

Short-sighted crackkkers don’t know anything. 

They see their 600 years of looting, pillaging, murdering and raping as the be-all and end-all of history, but guess what fools? That ain’t even half of it! You bumbling idiots wouldn’t even know what history is if it crept up behind you and hit you over the head with because if you did, you would realize that China is a 5000-year-old civilization that time after time has struggled and WON against the colonizers attempting to steal their land, labor and resources—you would realize that while ya’ll bleach demons were in caves, the peoples of Africa, Asia, Pachamama, Oceania, and Turtle Island were building grand civilizations all without looting other nations and without the destruction of our greatest comrade, Mother Earth.

The mayo spread, non-melanated types are doing their best to stop the resurgence of all nations that were formerly colonized by the euro-peons. China will not end its historical and monumental rise, Africa will continue to build unity with Colonized nations across the globe, uniting against the colonizers and the peoples of Pachamama/Turtle Island will continue their six century struggle for liberation/self-determination of their land, lives, labor and resources. But for all of ya’ll crackkkers reading, you must be hopped up on paint fumes! Let me educate you real quick. Let’s take you to school.

Ancient Greece (1100 BC–AD 600)

Ah yes, the birthplace of “western civilization.” Everything you consider “good” and “holy” came from this period, such as colonizer philosophy, science, art and yes, even your garbage politics. Much of the knowledge from this era does indeed inform how we think (at least in the “west”) sadly. Democracy came from the greek word demokratia after all.

And yet, after all this so-called “civilizing” , “democracy” and expansionism, what became of such an “enlightened” civilization? They collapsed with the rise of the Roman Empire. Gone. Their empire is now reduced to a pathetically small Mediterranean country with a few islands thrown in and the people there are in debt after joining the euro-peon union.

As for the rest of the world, 

China was there then (Shang dynasty, 1600–1046 BC to Sui dynasty, AD 581–619) and it’s still here now (AD 2021). The Olmec civilization was flourishing in Mesoamerica and in Africa, Egypt was at its peak.  

Egyptian agriculture allowed this African Nation to flourish for thousands of years until now
Egyptian agriculture allowed this African Nation to flourish for thousands of years until now

Roman Empire (27 BC–AD 476, Western. AD 395–1453, Eastern [Byzantine])

This is probably the most famous empire in history and it continued where Ancient greece left off, refining and adding to the fields of philosophy, science, art and politics, amongst others. It’s also one of the biggest empires in history, with land stretching the tip of western europe to the vast desert areas of Western Asia as well as the top of Northern Africa, and you lot consider this period the epicenter of “western civilization.”

Alright, let’s see how this epicenter did then, shall we? It fell. Sure, it continued for a bit over east as the Byzantine empire, but Rome as we know it was dead after 476 thanks to the germanic goths and Atilla the Hun. Byzantine itself was finished off by the rise of the Ottoman empire in 1453. Rome’s descendants, the italians, are now in debt after joining the euro-peon union.

Spanish Empire (AD 1492–1976)

Ah, Spain, the king of the seas. The colonizer of most of Latin America, the Philippines and even a few countries in Africa. And to think it all began with colonizer Columbus… but where is it now, I wonder? Dead, naturally. Only the country of Spain survives and it’s—wait for it—in debt after joining the euro-peon union.

Even after the spanish invasion, 6 centuries later and  Indigenous peoples continue their protracted struggle
Even after the spanish invasion, 6 centuries later and Indigenous peoples continue their protracted struggle

British Empire (AD 1707–1997)

We’ve all heard it before, “the sun never sets on the british empire.” At the height of its power, it was the biggest empire in history and it’s the reason why so many Colonized people in the world now speak english. It traded slaves on a mass scale, forced China to buy its opium, took over Hong Kong and had its cut of Shanghai for a while too.

Then what happened? It fell, of course. Now it’s just a puny little wet rock off the western coast of europe with maybe a few even smaller islands to its name, and it’s dying from C*VID-19. Oh, and brexit royally screwed them up.

Ottoman Empire (AD 1299–1922)

The Ottoman empire was pretty considerable as it stretched from southeastern europe to much of West Asia, as well as the tip of Northern Africa. While it had a long run, it too fell after World War I and now, it’s just a country called Turkey. Although there are rumors that Turkey’s current president, Erdogan, is trying to resurrect it…

German Empire (AD 1871–1918) and Nazi Germany (AD 1933–1945)

It was at the height of euro-peon colonialism when this empire existed, and like every colonial power before it, it owned its fair share of colonies. Parts of Asia, Africa—it even stretched across French, Czech and Polish lands!

Well, we all know what happened there, don’t we? adolf hitler’s nazis were defeated and Germany lost much of its land as well as all of its colonies and it’s now amerikkka’s favorite whore, apart from its dying grandpa britain, of course. Oh, and since you’re still so wealthy, we’ll make sure you pay Namibia’s reparations for the original Holocaust!

The end of the amerikkkan empire

Do these crackkkers really think their empire can outlast those of Colonized peoples? With daily mass shootings, crumbling infrastructure and pedophile politicians? Your C*VID crises and insurrections? Don’t make us laugh! Colonized peoples have gone through genocide after genocide for your pasty selves to think ya’ll somehow “developed” something. Your world was built off of the expense of Colonized people, off of our stolen land, resources, labor and lives and it will come crumbling down as Colonized people unite. Black Hammer is UNITING the Colonized poor and working class (the true proletariat) all over the world against kkkolonizers and the sellouts attempting to keep the inevitable demise of white power’s rule from happening—it is through the building of Colonized unity world wide that colonialism and its colonies will ultimately and swiftly be smashed.

But hey, you whites shouldn’t have too much to fear. If you want to make things right and learn how you can atone for the 600 years of looting, pillaging and rape then join our reparations corps! Be on the right side of history for once and fall under the dictatorship of the Colonized poor working class masses of the world!

And if you are a Colonized person, ready to BUILD for your future, ready to create a world where no one lives at the expense of another and to escape from the dying colony then JOIN Black Hammer Today!

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