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amerikkka Is Crumbling and It’s Only Getting Worse

By Black Hammer

If this genocidal state is not murdering unarmed Africans just living their everyday lives, if they’re not locking up Indigenous people in concentration camps at the border or deporting them, and if they’re not massacring Asian women in their own places of work, then they’re blowing up civilians in faraway lands that they’ve stormed into to “liberate” them—or all of these while telling the Colonized masses that progress is being made. I don’t have to tell you the stories. You’ve seen their colonial-imperialist propaganda, they’re on all the social medias and soon they’re coming to a theater near you. Or more likely, a protest near you. With all these crimes happening with increasing frequency, to think these are the people who are lecturing the rest of the world about “human rights?”

Forget what’s supposedly “going on” in Xinjiang. This country’s got mass shootings on top of pig shootings, not to mention the biggest concentration camp in the world—the Prison-Industrial Complex, filled with the bodies of the Colonized poor working class AKA “People of Color.” Forget “killer” Putin—the colony’s poisoning OUR drinking water right as we speak. Competing with China? With what? Crumbling infrastructure, underfunded schools and slow, expensive internet with a backdoor so the NSA can spy on you?

Florid Bridge Collapse in 2018
Florid Bridge Collapse in 2018

Yeesh, no wonder they’re focusing on other countries. amerikkka is in shambles and its “glory” days ain’t ever coming back. They need to keep that propaganda running 24/7 so we don’t suspect; ‘The best system in the world!’, ‘Democracy and freedom!’, ‘Universal values!’, ‘Rules-based international order!’

Democracy, huh? Because it’s a sure sign of democracy when the only two parties that are “elected” into power are bought off by billionaire oligarchs. Not like your vote counts anyway. Freedom? Are we talking about the freedom to freeze to death when Texas had that huge snowstorm? Or the freedom to die from the colonialv*rus because dirty colonizers refuse to mask up? The freedom to be murdered in our own homes by some trigger-happy pig?

Universal values? Sure, like greed, what the colonizer leftists call neoliberalism (capitalism on steroids) and enriching the super rich while everybody else starves. Don’t even get me started on what rules-based international order (cough *empire* cough) is supposed to mean, but this ain’t it! Seriously, if these colonizers didn’t propagandize so much and for so long, we’d all see them for what they truly are: cowards. I’ll say it again: cowards. Louder for those in the back: COWARDS.

Would a brave nation sanction a poorer nation during a pandemic? No, but a coward would. Would a “brave cop” (brave and cop together in the same sentence, hilarious) shoot a child with the bullets in their gun? No, but a coward pig would. And would a brave “soldier” deliberately seek out petrified villagers to terrorize knowing full well they can’t hit back? Nope but a coward would.

Artwork of pig derekkk chauvin, metaphor for the knee of colonialism on all of our necks as Colonized people
Artwork of pig derekkk chauvin, metaphor for the knee of colonialism on all of our necks as Colonized people

And that’s why amerikkka is in shambles.

This empire is a coward, a paper tiger. Their boot-licking subjects are cowards too, and their rulers the most cowardly of all. Behind all their guns, money and propaganda, behind all this talk about “democracy” and “freedom” and “universal values,” they are scared tantrum-throwing children who’ve seen what the masses are capable of. The poor working class Colonized masses who have only or less than a dollar to their names, who are beaten and starved to death, who are sent to prison for the smallest of infractions, who are murdered at every chance possible and who have their land and resources stolen from them, we who have so little and they so much—it should be them who fear us!!

When we as Colonized people unite and fight together, organizing and agitating the masses into realizing their power, when we lift the wool over our eyes and really evaluate this system—through political education and anti-colonial organization—which has continued its violence on Colonized people everywhere, we are unstoppable.

Unstoppable Colonized Unity
Unstoppable Colonized Unity

The gravity of the terror rained down upon us for the past month is not unique; the working class Colonized masses have suffered at the heavy brutal hand of colonialism with ever-heightening intensity. All of the tragedies inflicted upon the masses have only just begun to fully settle, bringing consequences for the sellouts and colonizers in power. There will be no end to this reign of terror until the Colonized masses take dictatorship over the lands, lives, labor and resources that were taken from us at gunpoint. If you envision an immediate end to state-imposed violence, parasitic imperialist aggression, and the eco-terrorism the u.s. leads, JOIN Black Hammer and unite with our Colonized dual contending power to destroy white power. If you are a colonizer who is equally repulsed by the progression of colonial state violence, join Black Hammer’s Reparations Corps!

Use your writing talents to further the Liberation of all Colonized People by joining Black Hammer Times today! We are looking for journalists, reporters, poets, and more, so do not worry; there is a spot on our team for you.

You can also submit your work to us, and as long as it unites with our 4 Principles of Unity, you will see your writing published on all of our platforms.

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  1. I’m a colonizer who can’t live with the genocide in my name, the theft in my name, the bombing and rape in my name. I joined the Reparations Corps, not only to be on the right side of the question and the right side of history, but to support and participate, under Colonized leadership, in the work being done to finally create a world of ecological harmony and where no one lives at the expense of another. If you’re white also, join us in the Reparations Corps. If for no other reason than amerikkka is crumbling and organization is going to be the only way to survive. Don’t unite with the amerikkkan nation – which will devolve into a hellscape of famine, climate chaos and gangs of white power militias (that will be looking to recruit you). Unite under Colonized leadership (the winning team) and have a place in the defense of Hammer City!


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