Power To The Colonized Working Class: An Interview With The Amazing Chief Ina Of The Campaigns Committee

Power To The Colonized Working Class: An Interview With The Amazing Chief Ina Of The Campaigns Committee

Chief Ina, Interviewed by Editor-in-Chief Cheem

Black Hammer Organization’s Campaigns Committee is at the heart of the on the ground work. From distributing hundreds of PPE kits to Colonized communities on a weekly bases, to growing community gardens with the goal of them turning into large scale food distribution programs, our Campaigns Committee is always busy with serving the poor working class masses, whatever their needs may be.

The power and excellence of dual contending power is constantly exemplified within the work our Campaigns Committee struggles through everyday. It is crucial Colonized people see just what Black Hammer is cooking up for them, as the united snakkkes continues to dis-unite and crumble into collapse, Black Hammer Organization’s Campaigns Committee will ensure Colonized people’s collective survival and safety.

Land back, my name is Chief Cheem and I serve as the Editor in Chief for the Black Hammer Times. Today we’re sitting down with the one and only Chief Ina of the Campaigns Committee! For starters, can you introduce yourself to the people?

My name is Chief Ina, repping the nation of Africa, using she/her pronouns and I’m the Chief of Campaigns.

What’s the importance of building dual contending power and how has the Campaigns Committee been working to build that?

Crumbling Infrastructure artwork by Monte Wolverton
Crumbling Infrastructure artwork by Monte Wolverton

The importance of a dual contending power can be found in the united snakkkes literally crumbling/falling apart. Not to mention, its entire existence is based on our oppression and genocide [of Colonized people] and so when we are talking about freeing and liberating our people, we know we can’t do that within this system.

And so we are working to build something new for Colonized people to rely on and create a world where no one lives at the expense of another.

We know it’s not in the state’s interest to take care of us. And we see that in how we’re treated in these systems. Look at healthcare, the inefficient colonial food system. And during natural disasters, we’ve seen what happened with Katrina and even recently with Texas.

And because we see this, the Campaigns office has been building the foundation of NEW ANTI-COLONIAL systems. We’re trying to feed our people through OUR own systems like community, indoor/outdoor gardens, and Garden kits for Colonized people. We’re building Disaster relief systems by developing disaster preparedness and evacuation plans. We’re also working on infectious disease preparation plans! 

A Hammer Garden
A Hammer Garden

And we have a lot of committees down the line such as anti-colonial Healthcare systems. We got Doulas, Herbalists, Community Health care for days.

Hammer Garden
Hammer Garden

With Campaigns taking the major initiative of ensuring the poor and working-class Colonized people stay safe during this p*ndemic. Could you tell us about how Black Hammer has been able to organize and distribute over 300, 000 pieces of PPE worldwide and growing, along with not only providing our people with proper protection but also educating them on the facts of this virus in a time when the colony is spreading so much propaganda around it?

Hammers are actually on the ground, living through this, and seeing the effects of C*VID-19 in their communities globally. And Black Hammer is organized so we were able and continue to organize on a global scale by getting PPE to those who need it, getting informational materials to be passed out to communities and making sure they are translated so people know how to keep themselves, their family, and community safe. And we’re not only on the ground! Since last year, we’ve had an online campaign as well, making sure to continue releasing information weekly because there is so much disinformation and confusion purposely coming out of the state.

Cali Hammers out in the streets, serving PPE to their hood!
Cali Hammers out in the streets, serving PPE to their hood!
Black Hammer Chapter in Nigeria serving their people!
Black Hammer Chapter in Nigeria serving their people!

Now this one is specifically for you Chief Ina! How has it been leading this committee and what has kept you so dedicated in all the wonderful work that you do alongside your comrades? 

Leading this committee has been one of the hardest but one of the most rewarding and purposeful things I’ve done in my life. 

What’s keeping me so dedicated is first my comrades, just seeing their drive and them being won to something bigger than themselves.

So much of what the colony tells us to look forward to in life (like getting a raise, buying a house, etc.) is so hollow, but it’s completely different here because Hammers look forward to the freedom and liberation of Colonized people worldwide. And it’s one of the most powerful things you could ever see somebody do and also be a part of, there’s really nothing like revolutionary love.

The other part is seeing the direct impact of the work that we do, the hope that we bring people. Our people are really feeling hopeless right now, feeling like the world is ending but telling them about the root of the problem, which is colonialism, is everything. It’s always that last part which is missing. And it’s not just that because we’re also giving them solutions and are inviting them to be a part of it.

You mentioned the revolutionary offices within the committee, so besides the C*VID PPE program, what are some of the other projects Campaigns has been working on?

We’re working on our Infectious Diseases Manual because right now Malaria and Ebola are really affecting our comrades and communities in Africa. 

We’re also working on preparation plans for natural disasters because we’ve seen time and time again that Colonized peoples bear the brunt of the damage, like we just saw in Texas, and it’s only gonna get worse.

The united snakkkes has already told us to expect supply shortages, power outages, and more.  We believe these are things we need to be prepared for and that’s what our Disaster Relief Office is building.

In our Garden committee, we are laying the foundation for an anti-colonial food system.

We’re starting gardens all over, we’re starting a tiered fundraising program to develop and distribute garden kits to Colonized people. We’re working on building our community gardens which will turn into large-scale food distribution programs.

We’re also gonna be developing herbal workshops to reconnect our people to herbal medicine/sciences.

Hammer garden growing mushrooms!
Hammer garden growing mushrooms!
Hammer garden growing potato's!
Hammer garden growing potato’s!

In closing, we want to highlight the historic and life-saving work Campaigns provides for the poor and working-class Colonized people of the world. So tell us about some of the accomplishments Campaigns has achieved in the past year because the people know y’all got plenty wins stacked up! And tell the masses how a poor and working-class Colonized person who wants to join your lifesaving revolutionary team can do so.

We’ve passed out over 300,000 pieces of PPE worldwide which is more than these governments have done! On top of that, our research team has consistently been ahead of the CDC. Because of this, we can proudly say that we have not lost a single member to C*VID-19. We have our C*VID-19 info translated into 3 languages!

We’ve developed travel-safety protocols and have held family informational meetings around C*VID.

And we’re taking care of our members! We have herbalists and doulas readily available. We also have 20 gardens established and we’re only growing each week! 

We’re literally fundraising to create, maintain, and support all these programs! So, if you wanna support our work, donate to our cashapp at $BHCampaigns

And literally any Colonized person can join us! If you want to join the committee that heals the ills of colonialism by placing power into the hands of the powerless, email us at [email protected] today! 

Use your writing talents to further the Liberation of all Colonized People by joining Black Hammer Times today! We are looking for journalists, reporters, poets, and more, so do not worry; there is a spot on our team for you.

You can also submit your work to us, and as long as it unites with our 4 Principles of Unity, you will see your writing published on all of our platforms.

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