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Asian Hate in amerikkka: Inseparable from u.s. Anti-Asian Propaganda

By Black Hammer

amerikkka hasn’t even tried hiding their empire’s blood-lust when it comes to their global strategic interests. The united snakkkes’ geopolitical influence is founded upon spreading infectious lies about certain parties and peoples as psychological preparation for physical intervention, to “warm up” the amerikkkan public for an imminent resource grab—continuing the looting of Colonized people’s lands, labor, lives and resources. We have watched in horror as this propaganda war against the People’s Republic of China was developed for decades.

As Colonized people in the imperial core (u.s.), we have the critical duty to crush this propaganda and to forbid the united snakkkes from further resource extraction and strategic destabilization. We will raise hell here in the belly of the beast in order to show our unity with the Colonized masses of the world.

A "anti-China" demonstration by the falun gong cult
An “anti-China” demonstration by the falun gong cult

The colonizer’s propaganda machines, like every other part of its lying self, are drenched in the blood of Colonized people. The propaganda the colonizers generate and spread throughout its populations in their colonies has sparked tides of deadly, unwarranted aggression against countries who refuse to submit to the euro-peon colonizers. amerikkkan propaganda has led to sanctions that have murdered millions, led to military interventions that have and continue to destroy entire regions.

The process of how the united snakkkes undermines a nation for strategic gain has become painfully clumsy and predictable; take for example the failed coup attempt on the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. During amerikkka’s history of theft, over-consumption and genocide against Colonized people, it has applied these genocidal invasion tactics to every Colonized nation (any non-european nation) or what people refer to as the “global south”. Most of these countries are south of nothing; they’re simply Colonized and this terms erases that fact, purposefully avoiding the root contradiction we face as Colonized people.

A #StopAsianHate demonstration, as the rise of anti-China propaganda rises, so has the sinophobic, white power colonial violence
A #StopAsianHate demonstration, as the rise of anti-China propaganda rises, so has the sinophobic, white power colonial violence

Unfortunately I do not foresee the colonial news networks—the blood-coated mouthpiece of the white power state—and its white power capitalist leeches lessening their Sinophobic anti-PRC (People’s Republic of China) propaganda anytime soon. As expected of this diabolical and illegal white power state, it has only responded to China rising as the strongest global superpower with tantrums and slander. The audacity of the united snakkkes to create such aggression when its own illegal empire is riddled with preventable problems, while also committing brutal crimes against the Colonized people in the colony, continues to boggle the mind and repulse the world.

Colonized people world wide must understand the monumental rise of China as a win for all Colonized peoples, who continue to struggle for liberation over their land, lives, labor and resources. China is attempting to unite the world under the banner of co-operation and “win-win” diplomacy, away from the centuries of colonial genocide and domination. This is the real reason China must be portrayed as a threat—because they are a threat, a threat to this bloodthirsty euro-peon empire and are breaking the chains of colonialism for nations, who like China, struggled to get out of the pit of genocide and suffering brought upon by the euro-peon colonizers.

Here at Black Hammer we are building dual contending power AWAY from the dis-united snakkkes, and are doing it better and faster than anyone else! If you are a Colonized person and would like to be part of your liberation then join Black Hammer!

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