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Profits Over Misery: India’s Sellouts Make Money Despite 200k Deaths

By Social Media and BHT

The Colonized masses of India are currently being killed by their sellout government at levels that are causing their already broken infrastructure and healthcare systems to crumble even further—seeing new record breaking levels of the colonialv*rus at 300,000 new cases per day. Bodies are being cremated in the streets due to hospitals and cremation sites being overwhelmed. 

These cremations include the bodies of children, newlyweds and people of all ages. India has also just surpassed 200,000 deaths though this is purposely an underestimate meant to cover up the ongoing genocide currently happening. 

Just a few days ago, drones captured photos of thousands of bodies being cremated after suffering from the colonialv*rus. The sellout government and white power are the culprits of this genocide and suffering of the Indian masses. 

These are REAL people, but of course white power portrays Colonized people dying and suffering as nothing more than numbers. The sellouts in power along with colonizer nations continue to make profit from these deaths as the Indian masses are left without hospital beds and oxygen.

Drone taken photos depicting the rampant death in India
Drone taken photos depicting the rampant death in India

We know the root cause of this death and misery is the puppet imperialist dogs controlled by the settler u.$. government—narendra modi’s sellout ass who has overseen pogroms (encouraged massacres of a minority group) against Muslim minorities in India. Working alongside other puppets, modi and the leeches of India profit off of the rampant death currently being imposed on them by these sellouts. 

In fact, chief executive sellout (c.e.o.) of Serum Institute of India (“SII”) and v*ccine kkking, adar poonawalla,  continues to amass fortune on the misery of the poor working class Colonized masses situated in the country.

V*ccine kkking and sellout Adar Poonawalla
V*ccine kkking and sellout Adar Poonawalla

It’s gotten to the point where India is collapsing because they can’t even manufacture enough vaccines to save themselves, never mind the world, due to dementia joe blocking the supply of materials to Indian manufacturers. That means that Colonized countries are being killed at an even higher rate than usual because they rely on India coming through with the v*ccines. 

In a similar show of obedience to their white power masters, the sellouts of Brazil have just turned down Russia’s Sputnik V at the orders of their white power snakes in amerikkka; a move that continues to show that your relationship with the largest empire in the world is conditionally beneficial—whenever the u.$. sees profits is when they will help you, of course at the cost of selling out your resources, land and lives of your country. 

The leeches and neocolonial sellouts of India selling out their people for profits to the u.s.
The leeches and neocolonial sellouts of India selling out their people for profits to the u.s.

SII stands to profit enormously from this v*ccine distribution but these v*ccines aren’t even effective against the variants of strains and have been recorded to make people fatally ill. euro-peon regulators reported hundreds of cases of blood clots, with colonizers even dying from the v*ccines. But sellout v*ccine kkking adar only cares to line his pockets, with the plan for distribution now being to first distribute these killer doses to the Indian masses at a time when they need EFFECTIVE solutions, and then distribute to the rest of the Colonized world.

At Black Hammer, we know these sellouts only care about lining their pockets while the colonizers continue to kill us. That’s why we building Hammer City and freeing the land. Our organization unites with the masses of India. Rest In Power to all the victims; you are an inspiration to us to continue fighting against this genocidal system everyday! To the poor and working class people in India, join Black Hammer TODAY to overturn this suffering by passing out PPE to combat this colonialv*rus and smash white power to end all the problems we as Colonized people face!

Use your writing talents to further the Liberation of all Colonized People by joining Black Hammer Times today! We are looking for journalists, reporters, poets, and more, so do not worry; there is a spot on our team for you.

You can also submit your work to us, and as long as it unites with our 4 Principles of Unity, you will see your writing published on all of our platforms.

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  1. This is awful ?! The colonized poor and working class people of India must rise up and end this suffering ??!

  2. What is happening in India is disgusting beyond imagination. Salute to BHT for reporting on this and bringing to light what the Indian state is trying to hide.

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