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On The Liberal, Toothless and Counter-Revolutionary “Movement” #StopAsianHate

By Black Hammer

In the wake of major social movements, from trans and queer rights to racial equity, for decades liberals have co-opted initially radical, status quo-crushing movements and stripped them of any bite or structural critique. We’ve witnessed the strides achieved by Black and Indigenous queer activists be twisted by groups like the Human Rights Campaign and last summer the roars for police abolition were drowned out by the Black Lives Matter group, which prioritized meaningless representation and distraction, useless symbolism over the desperate need for abolition. Over and over again have demands for radical change been dampened by these groups that are usually funded by white power (BLM), focus on respectability, and intent on blunting revolutionary waves. 

#StopAsianHate is the BLM-ization of anti-asian sentiment in the united snakkkes. This is a gross normalization of the movement in order to de-fang it and cloud the colonial history of these issues, confusing the Colonized masses. These nearsighted calls for action do not begin to address the depth and history of this unsurprising terror.

Herded like cattle on the way to Japanese internment camp
Herded like cattle on the way to Japanese internment camp

We are not asking to “stop Asian hate,” in the same way that I found saying Black lives matter to be insulting and senseless; of course Black lives matter, it is because they matter so profoundly that we look to Black revolutionaries and follow the anticolonial frameworks they created, frameworks centered on land return and total dissolution of the united snakkkes colony.

We are not stopping Asian hate, rather we are facing off against colonialism, the source of all racially charged murder. We are denouncing, exposing the united snakkes media for launching a violent, repugnant, ideological white power propaganda war against the  Communist Party of China and its leadership of the People’s Republic of China. We need Asians in this settler colonial empire to identify their oppressor, the colonizers that haves tormented our ancestors and  families for centuries and unite with the anti-colonial struggle of their ancestors and revolutionary siblings to fight for true liberation. Black Hammer is the space to do this.

Anti-Asian violence comes with no surprise: studying Asian history in amerikkka feels like navigating a minefield of assimilation and anti-communist propaganda. Every Asian in amerikkka is bombarded with perverted histories of one’s respective homeland — something about escaping instability, escaping your homeland, escaping your cultural history and the life you built, then emigrating to the kkkolony in pursuit of a better life, where you can learn in these white supremacist institutions how to “fix” your country, your bruised, shamed, corrupted country. ‘What an honor it is to fix your country as an amerikkkan’ Many liberal Asians still eagerly buy into this narrative, which is deplorable at the least.

Chinese railway laborers in Northern Pacific (1897)
Chinese railway laborers in Northern Pacific (1897)

I used to feel exhausted and blunted witnessing so many Asians readily buying into anti-communist propaganda about their homeland and completing astounding mental gymnastics to scrape away a special little place for themselves at the table of white power. It was Black Hammer championing total Colonized unity against white power that returned to me the vigor I required to continue this fight. 

I cannot overemphasize the need to shut down the parts of this movement that plants festering liberalism into its inherently anti-colonial core. This liberalism manifests in several hideous ways, like calls for increased policing, increased state interference in Colonized communities, and worthless political representation. Increases in policing will always be disastrous, particularly for Colonized sex workers who have demanded abolition for decades. They know too well that any white power state apparatus, whether it be social services or police, will never honor their dignity and secure their needs, and that sustainable support will be provided only by Colonized communities themselves. Normalizing radical anticolonial, anti-imperialist movements and morphing them into #StopAsianHate is blatant violent de-contextualization of the anti-Asian violence that has flourished in the united snakkkes,  ever since the very first Asians came to shore, nearly two centuries ago. 

Let’s stop the liberal movements that keep us in a violent cycle of protests that land us nowhere but jail and with a fine from the state. We need to build for ourselves and all Colonized people worldwide, creating a world where no one lives at the expense of another. That includes Asians coming together with other fellow Colonized people to regain dictatorship over the land, lives, labor, and resources that were stolen from ALL Colonized people; so join Black Hammer to bring about true change in YOUR community and for the world through building anticolonial revolution and dual contending power against the genocidal white power state!

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