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A Revolutionary Obituary for the One and Only Chief Eyes

By Black Hammer

This colonial system that we live under has demonized and conditioned us to believe that Indigenous culture is “alternative” because it hasn’t been “researched” by its standards. But that is yet another ploy to keep us dependent on a system that is killing us. It outlaws natural resources freely given from the land we live on and takes us away from having trust in our own bodies so we’re dependent on the system.

Meme of atrocities/crimes committed by the united snakkkes

Our Missouri Chapter recently suffered a loss, the loss of a comrade. This is the story of his beginning in our chapter:

I would like to go back 6 months.

I was living with my colonizer ex, his nephew, my 2 nieces, my big boys, myself and organizing.

The word was out, via that colonizer ex, that Black Hammer was in town with very mixed reviews (due to the reviews provided by said colonizer).

So many people were under the impression that all Black Hammer did was pass out masks and hate on white people.

As if ANYONE could “hate” on white people.


Those negative impressions that colonizer tried to spread throughout the community didn’t stop the interest or desire for a better life shown by a certain member of my community.

Chief Eyes.

This was a person who was neglected, left to the mercy of the state and it’s less than willing counterparts in the medical industry (and I MEAN it when I say INDUSTRY)

This person needed help and I was the only one, thanks to the organization equipped to provide even a sliver of it.

They knew this system was trash and they found TRUE and GENUINE hope in a better life working under and being the leadership to poor and working class non-white people and they LOVED it. They felt a part of a community that actually cared, and I felt so honored to be able to serve my comrade and help them live as best a life I and the organization could possibly provide.

In the process of helping Chief Eyes with their home and health I came across information about the community I live in.

There was a secret that was well known but never confirmed.

One day Chief Eyes sent me to go fetch him some cigarettes from a kind neighbor who cares so much for those around her that she felt the need to inform anyone who gave her the time, of the horrible malady she had endured at the hands of this greedy crooked system.

She let me know that only a few years prior she had caught the horrific parasite H.Pylori, a parasite that can cause cancers and other horrible symptoms that can kill the infected person. H.Pylori is also a parasite found in fecal infested waters, this DEF caught my attention.

Shortly after learning of this contradiction with the water here, our comrade was hospitalized for parasites in their eyes.

Once they returned it was discovered that they had a broken hip and that they had been diagnosed with a bacterial infection in their remaining foot, I believe flesh eating, that prevented their full recovery. The same thing happened to their foot that was then stolen. No matter how many wraps I changed or doctors I’d call on his behalf, it didn’t matter. It ended with him having to go BACK to the hospital, never to return. His life was tampered with as was all of ours.

HE FOUGHT WITH ALL HIS MIGHT FOR HIS LIFE, and in the struggle for his life he KNEW he needed backup.

He KNEW he needed ORGANIZATION because what ELSE could change as huge a problem as unclean water and negligent medical care from these colonial institutions??

He didn’t let the system win, and he lives on through us now.

Because of his ordeal and the ordeal our other members and their families have faced, we tested our water for chemicals and found that it not only had traces of lead in it, but also the water we drink had a pH level of over 10. Aren’t you tired of this toxic water, toxic food, toxic LIFE under this failure of a system??

UNITE with the Missouri Chapter who’s testing these waters and creating a space for people to obtain and access clean fresh water that gives them LIFE and not DEATH. 

UNITE with Black Hammer’s Sci-Tech office who is producing water filtration systems that clean the literal DOOKIE out of our water and is using science to keep us ALIVE and in the game to END this parasitic system.

Join us April 24th at 6 PM EST on Facebook live as we host a panel discussion with our Missouri Chapter to talk about the water crisis not just in Missouri but all over the world caused by colonialism and its carelessness when it comes to the environment.

We CAN’T do this without you.

Support The Missouri Chapter and BH Sci-tech at our GoFundMe or our cash apps

$BHMissouri and $BHOSci-Tech



JOIN SCI-TECH and *MOST* Importantly


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You can also submit your work to us, and as long as it unites with our 4 Principles of Unity, you will see your writing published on all of our platforms.

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