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Child MURDERED By Pigs, What Happens Next?

By Chief Cheem and Comrade Jucha

It’s getting harder and harder to avoid the truth about the colonial system we live under with pigs shooting kids in broad daylight. From its birth, this system has always committed genocide on Colonized people to fuel its economy and  become the largest and most bloodthirsty empire it continues to be to this very day.

Adam Toledo, a 13-year-old Indigenous child had his life taken through cold-blooded murder by the Chicago pig department. In the footage of the slaying, Toledo was seen complying, and this coward pig shot point-blank. This is and has been the reality for all Colonized people since the settler colonizers left their rock they now call europe.

The Colonized masses aren’t going to take this for much longer since these pigs are going to keep doing their job—that is, catching slaves for the prison industrial complex, shoving them into concentration camps, or just outright executing us for nothing more than being Colonized. The job of the white whipping class to continue murdering and caging up Colonized people, with a fat paycheck of course. 

As long as these white “leftists” continue their empty calls for “abolishing the police” without any material action to back it up, they’re simply helping the state murder Colonized people by pointing out a symptom—not the main problem, colonialism—and doing nothing to get to the root. 

The yt power media is already going to work to defame 13-year-old Adam Toledo, using his connections with gang-affiliated peoples as a desperate attempt to defend the chicago pigs’ lynching. Regardless of what Adam Toledo was or wasn’t, it is the genocidal system of colonial violence that takes the lives of children all across the kkkolony. It is the kkkolony that forces Indigenous, African, and Colonized peoples into the ghettos, into the hoods, and deprives them of a dignified life by continuing the pillaging and looting of their lives, land, labor, and resources. Colonized people today are seeing the kkkolony for what it really is and always has been, a genocidal system that can not be reformed. This system is the same system that murdered Daunte Wright, that murdered Aisha Nava Míreles, that murdered Iremamber Skyap, and that will continue to disregard the lives of Colonized Children everywhere.

The state is functioning perfectly; its purpose is to genocide Colonized people and uphold the white power colonial state that has enslaved ALL Colonized people for the past 600 years. It did what it was supposed to when it executed Tamir Rice, Adam Taledo and George Floyd. It’s only doing its job when these lynchings happen. 

Adam Toledo

If you’ve ever reposted a hashtag of a murdered Colonized person, if you have been affected by state violence or just seen the lynching of a Colonized person, the time to rise up and build for ourselves is now. The colony has no answer for Colonized unity, organization, and leadership. Those are the tools that will get us free; so join Black Hammer, and build a world where we don’t have modern-day lynchings of our people, where police are a thing of the past and no one lives at the expense of another. 

Land Back!

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