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4 Shots In The Chest of 16-Year-Old African Girl

By Black Hammer

The days of liberal symbolic victories—if they ever were victories in the first place—are long gone. No guilty verdict against a pig in a criminal case, no lump sum of money from the state in a civil suit, will be enough to curb the righteous and dignified anger of the Colonized masses. No one who truly has their feet on the ground in the Colonized community believed for even a second that this guilty verdict for the pig that killed George Floyd would bring to an end, or even slow down, colonial violence from the pigs or this genocidal system. Anyone who has studied the vile history of the colony called the united snakes knows that the pig force directly emerged from the klan and slave catchers and they are simply doing what they were designed to do—brutalizing and lynching Colonized people. 

George Floyd is still dead. The only people celebrating this conviction as a victory are liberals and known neocolonial sell-outs; but just in case anyone forgot, the colony sent a brutal reminder. Around the same time as the verdict was read in the Geroge Floyd murder trial, the pigs slayed another Colonized person in columbus, ohio. Not just any Colonized person—a 16-year-old African girl. 

derekkk's conviction is not cause for celebration
derekkk’s conviction is not cause for celebration

Her name was Ma’Khia Bryant.

This 16-year-old child called the columbus pig department genuinely seeking help and protection from some other girls who were preparing to jump her outside of her home. Ma’Khia armed herself with a knife to defend herself. When the pigs showed up they did not assess the situation or attempt to deescalate whatsoever. They did what pigs always do; escalate the situation and murder the first Colonized person they see. All the pig did was ask what’s going on, yell a direction not towards anyone specific and unload into the easiest target who happened to be Ma’Khia. All they saw was an African person with high emotions and immediately began shooting. It doesn’t matter if she had a knife, because no matter what, throwing the pigs into any situation makes it a more volatile one—astronomically increasing the likelihood of a Colonized person dying. If you watch the bodycam footage, Ma’Khia was actually going away from the officer when she was shot. The pig shot Ma’Khia four times in the torso. 

Four times.

A petty sign from the system telling us that we are still under the dictatorship of white power and sellouts
A petty sign from the system telling us that we are still under the dictatorship of white power and sellouts

Four immediate reminders that this system will not change and no guilty verdict will stop the pigs from terrorizing and genociding Colonized communities. With this reminder, people took to the streets with already heightened emotions from the outcome of the trial. As we said after the murder of Daunte Wright, these demonstrations are a beautiful show of the spirit of resistance that Colonized people have.

Unfortunately, none of the leaders of these hamster-wheel protests are educating people or addressing the root of the contradiction which is colonialism. The hamster liberal activists try to direct people’s anger towards the polls and belief in reforming a system that can’t be reformed. In participating in a system that was built on the bones of our ancestors and continues through the oppression of our people every day, engaging the people in an endless battle of begging to the colony. Even communist “organizers” of white-led “organizations” direct all their anger towards building political power within the existing colonial structure so they can divide up their violently stolen resources more equally. 

The Colonized masses rising up in response to the genocide and abuse they have been facing for 600+ years
The Colonized masses rising up in response to the genocide and abuse they have been facing for 600+ years

Anti-colonial revolutionaries recognize that overturning the contradiction of pig violence involves overturning the original contradiction of colonialism. On Turtle Island (in amerikkka) this involves building a dual-contending power for Colonized people which exist outside of the one we were forced into. To boil it down, where would Ma’Khia be without colonialism? 

Colonialism is what gives the pigs the right to murder Colonized people in broad daylight. It is the colony which bred divisionism leading to Ma’Khia being jumped. In communities that Colonized people create and control, colonial contradictions will not affect us. Any beefs between us can be settled through the collective—no need for pigs when we have restorative, community-controlled justice. 

Ma’Khia Bryant young, vibrant, and full of life

We love the fight within our Colonized people. We just hate to see us fighting for the wrong thing; we can fight for justice for Ma’Khia, for George, for Daunte, for whoever. The not-so-bitter truth is that there can be no justice from a colony on stolen land built by stolen people; and that the only thing worth fighting for is a world where no one lives at the expense of another. Creating a world where Colonized people have self-determination—control over their lives, labor, land and resourcess—is the only way for Colonized people to escape the horrendous fallout of the original contradiction of colonialism.

This is a world the Black Hammer Organization is intent on creating. Within one year since announcing the project, Black Hammer has already liberated 200 acres of land for Colonized people where they will be free of the contradictions of colonialism with no cops, no rent, no covid and no colonizers. If you want to organize and fight for a world free of not only pig violence, but all forms of colonial violence, join Black Hammer today! 

Rest in power and love to Ma’Khia and prayers to her family. 

Land back!  

Use your writing talents to further the Liberation of all Colonized People by joining Black Hammer Times today! We are looking for journalists, reporters, poets, and more, so do not worry; there is a spot on our team for you.

You can also submit your work to us, and as long as it unites with our 4 Principles of Unity, you will see your writing published on all of our platforms.

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  1. my heart breaks over and over again at the colonies violence, revolution is the only way we have to protect our kids from this somehow


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